Garance Dore – ‘Pardon My French’ videos

I saw Garance Dore, French blogger extraordinaire, in person once, when her boyfriend Scott Schuman, aka The Sartorialist, was doing his book presentation at Liberty’s of London a couple of years ago and I still kick myself for not introducing myself to that sublime woman there and then! She sat next to Scott and looked-no, not just so French, but so beautifully radiant, that I just couldn’t help myself and smiled at her in passing. Looking at Garance now I see a happy, beautiful, down-to-earth woman, who is great at her job-I love her blog and check it every day for news, photos and illustrations- and who is fulfilled in her personal life.

Recently Garance added videos to her site, titled ‘Pardon my french’, in which she lifts a veil a little on her daily adventures and work, the fashion shows she attends, the people that inspire her-she is very well-known in her own right all over the world now, yet she remains funny and real and so naturally beautiful, with a hint of a naughty spark in her eye. She is not showy, yet she has abundance of style and her own vision of things and life’s experiences that she weaves into her posts and pictures, giving us a glimpse into the freshness of fashion, wherever it takes her. J’adore Garance and the feelings of joy, lightness and humour that she brings to every single project that she takes on!!

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