Gazelli skincare-a skincare treat from Azerbaijan

Skincare market is very saturated and any newcomer struggles not only to get in, but to make its own mark, that’s why I take interest not only in the latest skincare developments, but also in the smaller, niche brands that are brave enough to dare to take their own stand in a very competitive market.

Last year a newcomer from Azerbaijan, called Gazelli skincare was launched at UrbanIMG_0318 Retreat at Harrods– already a high mark of recognition, as Harrods team is quite selective for all the right reasons. Azerbaijan is a very beautiful country full of poetic wisdom and tradition and the range has been kept an inner secret of sorts for over ten years. The range itself was developed by Dr. Zarifa Hamzayeva, who used her knowledge of genetics and slowing down of the ageing process and combined it with the natural resources of Azerbaijan, while developing her skincare range. This range was developed by a woman, but it’s also a dedication to women and their uniqueness and I also think it’s a very modern range too, as Dr. Hamzayeva is assisted in her beauty quest by her daughter, Jamila, who is Gazelli’s European head of development.

Dr.Hamzayeva’s team of scientists managed to adapt Azerbaijan’s ancient healing oil for cosmetic use by extracting its active elements, the final result being Gazelli’s Triple Youth range which rejuvenates, protects and nourishes the skin on your face and neck.

While the range itself is not organic, it combines the power of nature and the use of natural ingredients harvested in Azerbaijan with the very extensive and ongoing scientific research. Gazelli’s Triple Youth range, that consists of six products, has the white healing oil, from Azerbaidjan’s Naftalan region at its core. Other ingredients in the range include pomegranates from Goychay, black mulberry from Absheron and chestnuts from Gabala.

In order to find out more about the range itself, I went to Urban Retreat and Laura, Gazelli’s brand ambassador talked me through the range.

1) Triple Youth Skin Balancing cleanser: this gentle formulation cleanses without stripping the skin and removes make-up, excess oil and residue that pollution leaves on our skin, all the while maintaining skin’s pH balance. It has the chestnut extract that is rich in vitamins B and C and is naturally rich in proteins and a Triple Youth Complex, based on White Healing Oil.

2) Triple Youth ultra nourishing mask ( which Laura tells me can give your face a wonderful pre-party boost ): it deeply moisturises and nourishes the skin. Fig‘s extract helps with hydration and improving skin’s radiance, while White Healing oil increases metabolic process at the cellular level thus boosting skin’s ability to regenerate itself and Hydrolyzed Elastin that helps to retain moisture and plumps up the skin.

3) Triple Youth intensive age-repair cream: this cream feels quite rich, yet it sinks quickly in, without leaving any residue. It helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps the skin look younger. Black mulberry extract protects the skin against free-radical damage that we get from unprotected sun-rays while Ceramides and Tripeptides help to retain moisture and stimulate the collagen production. Its smell reminds me of a mixture of peaches and a gentle breeze full of flowery undertones.

4) Triple Youth reviving eye cream: this cream is light in texture, yet rich in anti-ageing and rejuvenating ingredients. It contains extracts of traditional black tea, harvested from Lankaran fields that soothes the delicate skin around the eye, while muscle-relaxing peptides soften the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It also has the subtle but spell-binding smell of roses in bloom.

5) Triple Youth Ultimate Firming Serum: this highly concentrated serum is based on IMG_0320Gazelli’s unique skin-firming formula that speeds up skin regenerating process and assists with nutrients and oxygen absorption. It also contains extracts of pomegranate, that is rich in anti-oxidants and Lipoic Acid and DMAE that tone and plump the skin.

6) Triple Youth Hydra-Radiance Face Mist: this wonderful product is the range’s best-seller, which keeps on selling out. It hydrates, tones and lifts the complexion and boosts skin’s luminosity. In addition to white healing oil, it also contains Pumpkin extract ( hand harvested in Azerbaijan’s Khachmaz region ), which in itself is a rich source of nutrients and anti-oxidants and ceramides which increase skin’s hydration levels by holding onto moisture.

The range is priced between £18 to £62 and is geared towards women in their 30s and up. Having said that, Laura, who is in her early 20s and has wonderfully even, blemish free skin, says that she uses the mask and cleanser and loves their texture and the result that both of those products achieve, while the serum and the anti-age cream are great for women from their late 20s to early 30s when the skin on our faces starts to show early signs of ageing.

The range is produced and manufactured on the outskirts of Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, and what makes the range stand out, in my view, is the combination of country’s old traditions combined with modern research.

Gazelli was launched in the second part of last year in Urban Retreat, but it’s already gaining popularity and many clients are coming back to restock. The range was also nominated for prestigious CEW award in the Best New Brand ( prestige ) category, while the ‘Skin balancing cleanser’ is up for the award in the CEW’s Best new everyday facial skincare product ( prestige ) and the ‘Ultimate firming serum’ is nominated for the Best new skincare treatment product ( prestige ).

When I was browsing in Urban Retreat in general Gazelli’s stand made an impression on me-the products areIMG_0348 all shown on a silver tray, so you can easily try them on the back of your hand and the bottles white/black design differs from any other skincare brand that I know and if you decide to buy any of the products, each purchase is wrapped in a specially designed black & white scarf. What also impressed me is that Laura, Gazelli’s ambassador, is quite young, but she knows all the facts about the range and talks intimately about each product, all the while radiating confidence and genuine pride in the brand that she represents. I think a lot of thought not only went into the development of those products but the attention to detail, the design of the bottles, the pride in the country’s tradition. Each product has its own smell, unlike many skincare ranges where all the products in the range smell the same and to me, the combination of all of those factors makes me think that this range will have a very successful future outside its country of origin.

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