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I have tried quite a few solid bars for body and hair, but sadly none of them proved to be the ‘keepers’, even if I was internally willing myself to give them a go in the name of doing better by the environment. The problem is that shampoo bars make my hair feel like straw, while the solid body bars seem to make the skin feel drier, unlike some of the natural soaps that I tried and tested. Then I was approached to try a relatively new brand called FOAMIE and even though my reservations were there, I agreed to give the bars a go, roping in my children in to help me test them in the name of objectivity.


It seems that more and more consumers, particularly the younger generations, are not so excited by soap bars, finding them somewhat ‘boring’. A team of beauty enthusiasts decided to challenge the status quo and to try to re-invent the wheel of soapy fortune, or rather the once-loved family favourite. By removing the ‘soap’ from the product name and creating a solid cleansing bar – a ‘syndet’ – the FOAMIE team was able to create a base for all of their products, making sure each was pH-Balanced AND gentle for skin and hair. The brand was launched in Germany in 2018. All of the products – currently there are two solid Shampoo Bars (one for normal hair, another for dry and fizzy hair), an Exfoliating Shower Bar (with apricot seeds and shea butter), a Shower Body Bar (with papaya and oat milk), a Cleansing Face Bar and the Travel Buddy, which is a travel box for your solid care shower product. Each bar contains 0% plastic, 0% soap, 0% sulphates, 0% silicones, 0% lilial and no product is tested on animals.

Syndet stands for Synthetic Detergent. It consists of raw materials from non-animal origins. The Syndet’s pH value is similar to that of your skin, which is why Syndets leave your skin feeling good and cleanse it more gently than conventional soaps without drying out hair and skin.


FOAMIE considers themselves a team of people which “Think Outside the Bottle” when it comes to the re-invention of the way consumers, particularly younger generations, think about their bathroom routine. FOAMIE products offer you a more ‘planet-friendly’ solution for your shower needs – by giving you something that functions as you would expect, smells good (personally I found the smells quite strong to start with, but my kids agreed that they both liked the scents of the products each chose to use) and leave your skin and hair feeling and looking good.

The FOAMIE range, which is produced in the UK, is made from the ingredients carefully selected to suit specific needs – whether it’s hibiscus in the shampoo bars for damaged hair, nourishing papaya and oat milk in the body bars, or charcoal in the face bars, which helps to reduce breakouts. Each product is cold-pressed in order to better preserve both the ingredients and the scents. According to FOAMIE each of their products saves at least 2 plastic bottles per bar

Ropey FOAMIE bar for the body

My eldest has been testing FOAMIE Shampoo bar for normal hair with coconut oil and says that the brand ‘underestimates’ each bar’s use – the box claims more or less 30 uses, he has had used his bar roughly 45 times and its still going strong. According to him the bar keeps the shape well (he diligently uses the shower hook to hand the bar by the string in between the uses) and smells quite nice too. He noted that the bar worked even better after he had his haircut and it lathers well, if you put a little extra effort in. The bar doesn’t make his hair or scalp dry and he continues to use it regularly. His opinion is that ‘it is good for what it does’.

Wet it. Foam it. Rinse it.

FOAMIE believes in ‘sustainable, scientific formulas’ that also have functionality, are ergonomically designed in order to be easy to hold in the hand. Some bars also have an integrated string that I mentioned above, so you can hang the bar to dry in between uses. It’s also helpful that the bars – for face, body or hair – are suitable for different ages and skin types. My daughter happily used the Shower Body Bar with calming and nourishing oat milk and papaya and said that it left her skin ‘comfortably soft’. You really can’t fool or force kids to use things that they don’t like or want and my daughter used both the body bar and the face one diligently, with me occasionally asking how she finds the experience. The Rose Face Bar contains Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and thanks to rose oil, shea butter and jojoba it helps to gently clean the skin from daily environmental pollutants. After cleansing the face with this face bar I would recommend using a face mist and the moisturiser with a light touch. My daughter said that using it in the evenings made her skin feel very soft (but did add that her face cleanser somehow makes her face feel even better, but she is happy to use both interchangeably).

Facial cleansing bar: I Rose Up Like This

All in all it’s been an interesting testing experience and according to my FOAMIE testing buddies they’ve enjoyed discovering the bars and seeing how they make their skin, body and hair feel. The good thing is that what might not be pleasing for one’s nose (I still think that some of the FOAMIE bars have a strong scent that can be toned down), might be perfectly pleasing for somebody else’s. At the end of the day we all need to find the products that work best for our daily needs – and that applies to children and adults alike.

To find out more about FOAMIE, please click here. You can purchase FOAMIE bars at Sainsbury’s, LookFantastic or brand’s website.

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