Gift ideas-the Ellis Clips

Many people started grumbling about Christmas in October-the argument is that the holiday is becoming too commercialised, with Christmas displays going up as early as September. My take on this is simple-I always keep an eye on cool gift ideas, wherever I am and whatever the time of the year-that way you are getting prepared well in advance, without putting too much pressure on yourself.

Surprising my girlfriends isn’t easy and not because they are spoilt, but because lots of gifts are predictable year in, yearEllis Clipsout, so when I received the press release about Ellis Faas’s new invention, I whooped with glee because not only is it a pretty cool idea, but it is a multi-tasking gift too.

Ellis’s pen holder is great but it is quite bulky if you put it in your handbag, so the new addition to the range is truly genius. The concept is brilliant in its simplicity: you connect the clips to each other and then put in your Ellis Faas pens. You can take out the pen you want to use without disconnecting the rest of the chain, you can roll it up and if you have enough clips, you can actually make a bracelet out of it and have a fierce edgy accessory-my little guy was the one who came up with this particular idea, building the bracelet like he builds with his Lego pieces and now I am smitten!

The Clips are made of a hard but flexible kind of plastic, with a brown metallic colour, giving them bronze look finish and structure that doesn’t take too much space in your evening bag. You can buy the clips online (, at Liberty’s on Regent street or at bigger branches of SpaceNK-I popped into the King’sRroad branch today and they didn’t have the clips on Ellis’s display counter, so do ask for them, as they are in stock, priced £2 each. 


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