Good things come to those who wait (sometimes!)

CS2CSA while back I saw Cat Deeley wearing a pair of really cute shoes, the type that I just couldn’t get out of my head. I found out that they were by a beautiful cobbler (fancy word for shoe maker) called Camilla Skovgaard (she has the looks of a model and the legs to match!).

The shoe is question was called Zaha and it had a high heel, side zippers and a side twisty buckle-I was truly smitten!

I raced to Harvey Nichols-at the time the only London stockist of Camilla’s shoes-and even called Camilla’s press people. I had no luck what-so-ever-the shoe was sold out and they had no more stock nor had they any plans to produce this model again. Sadly, I gave up my search but kept a picture of the glorious shoe in my ‘stylists’ folder-kind of the look book of sorts.

This week I was browsing through my weekly update from the Outnet and what do I see? I rubbed my eyes and placed an order, almost refusing to breath until I received the order confirmation. Ok, they didn’t have Zaha in grey, my original choice, but black works equally well and after all, who looks a gift’s horse in the mouth? Within less then an hour the shoe was sold out.

Yesterday morning my DHL box arrived and I skipped and hopped before trying the shoes on-nothing short of perfect and at a fraction of the original price. So you see, shopping dreams do come true and they don’t anger the husband or the bank manager .)

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