Great beauty buys from Cult Beauty-Jouer Cosmetics, KaplanMD & d.j.v. Beautenizer

Jouer1The beauty market is over-saturated with big brands, so I take interest in lesser known brands that deliver surprisingly great results and CultBeauty team are my kind of girls in that respect.

First of all, let’s discuss American brand called Jouer Cosmetics, which means ‘play’ inJouer French. This brand offers cool packaging, with possibility of your beauty items attaching/clicking into each other, like pieces of the puzzle. I absolutely adore Jouer ‘lip and cheek color’ in the shade called ‘petal’ which is a great shade of pink, the one that actually suits any girl, whatever her colouring-it’s a subtle shade pink, rather than the too bright, harsh one. It goes nicely on your cheeks or lips and actually stays there for a few hours. Another great product in the range is called ‘Age-repairing brightner’-and no, you don’t have to be a certain age to use it. From late 20s, our skin starts to show the effects of late nights, long-hours in air-conditioned offices, stress and other environmental factors, so in addition to the usual practical advice-good diet, exercise, drinking enough water and using sunscreen, this cleaver product helps hide the dark shadows and small lines under the eyes. It contains camelia oil, which is very nourishing, plus vitamins A, B & E which help increase skin’s immunity and fight free radicals and it works on all skin types, which is an added bonus. I have also tried Jouer moisturising lipgloss, but have to say that it felt too gloopy to me, so instead I stick to using Kaplan MD Lip 20 moisture therapy & SPF sheer tint in autumn and winter and Lip 20 Treatment gloss in spring summer-they are deeply moisturising and their colours are vivid but not too showy.

Now, last but certainly not least in this post is the brand called d.j.v. Beautenizer. A couplelashes of years ago a girlfriend of mine came back from Tokyo raving-no, not about sushi, Kyoto or gadgets, but a mascara called Fiberwig LX that supposedly made her eyelashes so long, she was sure all the males in Paris, where she was based at the time, were hers for the taking. She told me that Sephora was going to stock it but alas, every time I was in Paris and asked about it at Sephora, the shopping assistants looked bemused to say the least. Well, thanks to the persistence of Cult Beauty, the brand has landed on their site and let me tell you, all the things my girlfriend told me about this mascara is true. Hand on my heart, I actually prefer the other one from the range, called Volume Lash, because it makes my eyelashes look almost unreal-I curl my eyelashes first and then apply a coat or too of Volume Lash-and boy, do I end up making eyes at myself while spritzing the perfume on-so ladies, whether you want length or volume-in either case you lashes will actually be nourished too-I would hurry and order a box or two before the current stock sells out! I also have to say that taking it off at the end of the day is very easy, unlike many mascaras which leave you with panda eyes and black marks on your face towel. I simply wash my face and eyes with warm water and Yon-ka’s lait nettoyant (which is a wonderfully gentle cleansing lotion and eye make-up remover all in one that was recommended to me by a wonderful facialist Vanda Serrador) and go to bed happy.

p.s just in case you are wondering, I buy all of the products that I test, so my gushing about them is based on me testing them vigorously on myself or my girlfriends and not because I feel I have to because I was given a freebie!

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