Great interviews in December Elle UK

As I do read a large variety of printed and digital media, I am choosy about content. If you take the interviews, and I am notmichelle going to touch the subject of the person who is being interviewed, very often the format is so predictable, I often can read the first paragraph, sign and just turn the page. So when you find a good interview, it does many things-surprises you, makes you smile, makes you think, makes you dream, makes you question things-I can go on but you get the idea, right?

While the content of American edition of Elle has become a little predictable as of late ( I love their photo shoots though !), UK sister publication has been going from strength to strength and if you get this month’s copy, you will be floored by the sweet aude to Michelle Williams (by Jenny Dickinson) and the rawness of the Roland Mouret piece-both are strong and wonderfully enlightening pieces of writing that will leave you with a lasting impression. Each interview gives interesting and surprising angles to the actress and the designer and sheds light on the things that might have lingered on your mind .) There is also a £20 gift card to use at re-designed Kurt Geiger shops, so what’s stopping you from making a quick dash to the newsagent?

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