Gunapod+Baby/Toddler=restful nights for the family

One of the first things you realize when you have a new baby at home, is that you probably won’t be having restful night’s sleep for a while. Babies can confuse day and night, have tummy ache or teething pains or just wake up wanting to be fed or changed-and so a tired mother or father makes pilgrimages to the baby’s bed in order to tend to their little boy or girl.  And then the sun comes up, heralding the beginning of a new day, but instead of being happy, parents feel groggy and tired…..

From my own experience I know that sometimes it’s the little things that can make all the difference to the child’s sleeping patterns, but most of all, your baby needs to feel warm and cosy-that way you are more likely to get a few hours of uninterrupted blissful sleep at night. And that’s when, drum-roll, Gunapod, the wearable blanket/sleeping bag emerges into the limelight.

Gunapod was developed by three American mothers and born out of sheer frustration to find a comfortable and warm sleeping bag for the baby that was also safe and allowed the parent ease of access for nappy changes-and any experienced mother knows, the quicker you change the nappy, the more likely the baby to go back to sleep.


Gunapod is not only very soft to the touch ( babies and toddles love the cosiness that it offers, and rest assured, so will you, when you little one is snuggling up to you, drinking his or her milk, while you read a bed-time story together) but most importantly it is very easy to zip and unzip in several directions, unlike the traditional sleeping bag. This zipper versatility allows you to control the warmth ( you can zip the baby in or allow the air to circulate for example, by leaving the bottom of the Gunapod to be open ). There are handy poppers at the shoulder level, as well as side-zippers and the one in the middle, making it absolutely genius in its simplicity and practicality!


Gunapod comes in three sizes-( small, 0-9 months, medium, 9-18 months and large, 18-24 months ) and costs between £18 to £24, depending on the design. You can choose from the Stripped Gunapod, which is made out of 100% polyester fleece ( it comes in monaco blue, moss, purple and modern orange colours ), the Solid Gunapod, which is also a 100% polyester fleece ( here you can choose from cocoon, chocolate, cadet blue and tickled pink ) and fairly recent addition to the Gunapod family, the Natural collection that is made out of a great combination of bamboo & cotton. It has been washed and pre-shrunk for that wonderfully soft feeling and is made out of 70% bamboo viscose ( bamboo is a great anti-bacterial and anti-sweat material ) and 30% cotton and this cutie comes in modern orange, pink petunia and chocolate.


Personally I prefer the 100% polyester Gunapod for colder months of the year and for travelling ( it is wonderful for car/train/plane journeys, when the baby might be grumpy and needing that familiar item to make him or her feel relaxed and smiley in his parents lap or car seat ) and a bamboo/cotton one for the warmer and sunnier months, when your child is more likely to need less layering ( this past summer my daughter got less mosquito bites on our family summer holiday, as she was happily zipped in her wearable blanket and woke up bright and early each morning in a great, ‘let’s go outside’ sort of mood, her body and legs mosquito bite free ).

Gunapod might be native American and proud of it, but if you live in the UK, you can order Gunapod from Tesco direct, which was the first retailer to start stocking it up exclusively.

It is easy to wash, dries up very quickly and your child will be happily carrying it himself, if you let him, when departing on your trips to see family, friends or to travel around the world. Happiness, as they say, is in the simplest things and it certainly rings true when it comes to Gunapod !

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