Half term trip to rural Spain

I love holidaying in Spain in the summer for many reasons-i like the country and its people,  the lightness that a small jug of sangria brings to my step, the clean sand and the beautiful glinting of the sea, the fresh seafood and the roughness of the Spanish tongue. However, this half term I decided to go to Costa Brava for a few days and it made me love that part of Spain even more. Call it the autumn effect….

It has become cooler-well, it was hot compared to the weather in Britain now, but the sea water seemed to be warmer than it was in July. The tourists are all but gone and you see more of real life, Spaniards getting on with their normal routine of life. The beaches are deserted yet the fields look beautifully groomed, the crops gathered and the whole scene presents the sight of peaceful contentment. Everything seems cleaner, maybe a bit more subdued but you look around and your lips just start smiling of its own accord. Your eyes drink in the beautiful colours of nature, the diversity of the landscape, the roughness of the sea, your ears listen to the louder beat of the waves hitting the sand and you feel immense happiness of being.

Every job seems to be done at a more leisurely pace, yet it commulates in a perfect result, a beautiful dish, a nice purchase, a contenetment that you feel when you are walking in the marina or sitting at a normally crazily busy restaurant…..

It is such luck to be able to get away from a busy vibe of a city to a quitter pace in the rural countryside for a few days and to be at peace with one self and just drink in the scenes that change as you speed up in the car-in moments like this you truly realise what’s so precious about our world and what our parents had in abundance-the time to do things, the time to reflect, the time to enjoy choosing your food or just drive or walk, sometimes feeling the urge to stop and inhale the fresh air. Even  a huge thunderstorm with the loudest thunder I have heard in years and big angry waves on the sea during the night don’t make you feel apprehensive-you just stay in the moment and feel peace and happiness as the worries about life in general dissipate and give way to appreciation of the uniqueness of our world.

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