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You can be very good with your hands and use them to fix things, when they break down around the house or apartment, but there comes a time when the job needs to be done by a professional, unless you want to be electrocuted or make things much worse during the ‘fixing’ process.

Well, of course one can ask a husband/boyfriend/partner to do it. But then he/she might not know how to do it or more likely, not have the time to do it. The second option would be to hire someone to do it. Again, the downside can be not knowing where to look or whether you can trust the hired person to do a reliable job. If all of the above fails the solution is to call Handy Squad.

I have read about them in the press but never got down to actually hiring them until recently, when ‘small’ jobs piled up and threatened to overflow my household, that normally runs like clock-work.

Navid called me, asking if he could arrive earlier than the scheduled time. Upon arrival, he promptly and very quickly got on with fixing the broken tile in the hallway and grouting of the shower. I had the spare tile but no grout, so he whizzed off to the closest supplies store and within a short time those jobs were done.

The other jobs required an electrician and Paul was an answer to my prayers. Not only did he do all the jobs quickly and efficiently (replaced electric sockets and fixed the twitching linear lights) but he also gave me useful tips and advice on how to change certain light bulbs and what to do if your linear lights play up.

Handyman squad provides a variety of services and they have clearly defined charges. I will definitely use them again and as far as I am concerned their services are highly recommended.


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