Happy 2016, Happy You !

Every time we get over the hurdle of celebrating Christmas and New Year, we are faced with the barrage of detoxing and fitness tips, sports wear, new apps & guides, alongside juice detoxes, new diets, vegetarian dishes ( what about those of us who aren’t or don’t want to be vegetarian – are we automatically excluded ?) and new exercise regimes that will help to shape the ‘new’ you.


Often we end up following the ‘personality’ like Ella Woodward or Kendall Jenner, becoming part of their money-making machine but without the long-term benefit for our own’s well-being. We jump from one blog onto another, from one diet onto the next, instead of asking ourselves why we have this or that bad habit and what prevents us from achieving the goals that only we can set for ourselves. No one can force change but we can kick-start it with a good intention and desire to succeed. You don’t need fancy equipment, personal trainer or a mountain of books – just a few would do .) Ask yourself what stands in the way of you being happy on the inside and start moving the object or objects out of your way, like Hercules did. You can’t lose weight without making changes to your diet, you can’t improve the skin condition without the right skincare routine and products suitable for your needs, you can’t get fit without regular exercise – you can’t be happy if you don’t make yourself happy – trust me, I have been there .) I know many talented people who can or do help me find my own Zen, but intention is set and work is done by me and the desire to change and be better tomorrow than I am today is mine. That is the uniting factor for all of us !

You can introduce one daily change or set weekly goals. You can start with a simple daily meditation, or making sure you drink a green smoothie or juice daily. I love fruit, so I won’t advocate just a vegetable based green juice, as it will make me a hypocrite but try adding only one fruit and let the green vegetables, as well as spices like turmeric, ginger, cinnamon dominate the taste dance. Walk the stairs, instead of taking the lift or escalator on the tube ( possibly not the best idea if you are doing a yoga class or going to Sushi Samba at the Shard ). Dance to your heart’s content instead of working late into the night on your laptop ( or use a fitness ball as a chair when you do work on your laptop at home ). The point is to introduce some changes to your familiar routine that makes you set in your own ways, get you out of your comfort zone and make you feel like you are in control of your own destiny.

My own intention in January and February will be to focus my posts on inspiring you by stories, people, products and ideas that will make you curious, as where there is curiosity & inspiration, there is change ! May yours be long-lasting and beneficial to your mind, body and spirit!

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