Harvey Nichols sale add-love it or hate it ?

Sales have started earlier this year and last week I have received a sale card from Harvey Nichols announcing it’s sale from Wednesday, 17th of June, but instead of the excitement, it made me feel puzzled, if not annoyed.

The ad’s slogan is ‘ try to contain your excitement ‘ and it features a slim model with a wet patch on the front of her trousers, implying that the discounts were so good, she actually peed herself.


Was it a male or female agency team who came out with this ad? Are those people women haters, as I can’t see the male in the ad? Are women considered so fickle and so shattered by the birth of the children, that the manifestation of our excitement is peeing ourselves? 

Harvey Nichols, which for many years had a coolness edge to it-the designers they carried, the layout of the floors, their customer base-I remember how many years ago I went to admire Alexander McQueen designs and at the same time enjoyed looking at the people who shopped there…..I don’t know what customer base this ad will inspire or attract, but I won’t be among those people hunting for sales bargains, even if the discounts go up to 70%, on this occasion.

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