Hayo’u Method Highlights Ancient Wisdom of Beauty Tapping

Not the one to rest on her laurels, Katie Brindle, founder of Hayo’u Method, recently re-designed her brand’s website, as well as launched a new tool. Body Tapper is a lightweight bamboo self-massager that will speed up lymphatic drainage and counteract sedately lifestyle.

Three reasons to love tapping:  

  • Gives your circulation a serious wake-up call
  • One of the easiest ways to support your health
  • Relieves muscular tension & stimulates lymphatic drainage

“Healthcare is your daily responsibility. After all, a dentist isn’t responsible for the state of your teeth” Katie Brindle

Katie started her “Body Tapper” presentation at Gazelli House on Walton street by reminding us that she is not a beautician. She is a doctor of Chinese Medecine, who has been practising for over 15 years. She hosts weekly client clinics, alongside raising a family and growing Hayo’u Method, a wellness brand from day one. Her team is predominantly female and not only do their individual talents compliment the end result, each team member is genuinely well-versed in HM practises and product uses. Each has her favourite ritual and tool, which makes conversations more insightful and enjoyable.

Aerial view of Hayo’u Method tools

“We are all stressed and we are all looking for solutions” Katie Brindle

Beauty is the exterior manifestation of internal processes and traditional Chinese medicine looks at the early signs and symptoms that body manifests. Then it tries to address them, before a small niggle turns into a degenerative disease. As Katie said again and again, “the hero of my brand is the consumer” and with each ritual and tool she aims to helps her customers simplify, not overcomplicate their life. Katie looked very serious when she said that “simple, consistent steps and daily rituals should address your daily responsibility to your own state of health”.

According to Chinese medecine our state of health depends on uninterrupted circulation in our body and Katie’s newest tool enables the circulation to flow better. Particularly for those, who lead restricted or sedately lifestyle.

ground floor interior at Gazelli House on Walton street

Another important element of the Body Tapper design was sustainability. All the tools that are already part of Hayo’u Method family are thoughtfully and sustainably made from the ethically sourced steel, jade and rose quartz. All of the Hayo’u Method products are biodegradable. In this instance Katie chose to add another sustainable material – bamboo.

Why Bamboo ?

Natural, biodegradable and renewable, bamboo is the original sustainable material. An iconic Chinese wood that’s been used for millennia. Why? It has a unique flexibility and according to Chinese medicine is considered to provide a myriad of health benefits to the body as it is cooling, energising or calming. And it’s really easy to use & it smells good too!

According to Katie “modern living is amazing in many ways, but we also need to look back”. Nowadays we are sitting a lot more than before, which impedes circulation. We stare at our screens – computer, mobile, television and we stress. Yet many of us don’t address the increasing toxicity of our lifestyle.

Our bodies depend of the free-flow of chi (energy) and blood, particularly important that both reach our extremities. When we don’t move enough & don’t drink enough fluids, our bodies become sluggish in more ways than one. One of the solutions is increasing the circulation & mopping up toxins, as well as increasing body’s oxygenation via assisting the process of lymphatic drainage. You move more, your body flows with more natural ease. Prevention is better than cure, right?!

Our life depends on the breath. Without breathing we won’r last more than a few minutes. At the same time ‘re-setting’ our body by regular movement is more aligned with the way towards long-term, good health. When we procrastinate and don’t move regularly, be it daily or overall, we aren’t living the way nature intends us to.

“Beauty is a feeling. So ask yourself daily “how am I feeling?” You won’t look beautiful, if you feel ill.” Katie Brindle

Tapping with bamboo is an ancient Chinese therapy that works wonders for your general wellbeing! It’s a simple and enjoyable way to support and maintain your health, no matter what your age or physical state.

Impaired circulation will lead to an array of symptoms: aches and pains, atrophy and weakness, low energy, skin issues, bad sleep, sluggish metabolism and digestive issues to name but a few. Impaired circulation can affect your balance as well, something that many adults notice when they reach the golden years.

Think about this – in as little as one-minute a day, an all-over-body tap can clear areas of stagnation, support lymphatic drainage and encourage a smooth flow of blood and qi around the body.

Our skin is our largest sensory organ. So, not only does tapping offer all these remarkable physical benefits, it also feels amazing, is hugely relaxing and reduces cortisol levels.

Top Tip: For Best Results, Drink Water After Tapping To Aid Toxins Elimination By The Body

The Body Tapper comprises of thin bamboo rods and a sturdy handle. Holding it in my hand makes me feel like a general, waiting to lead the army into battle. But this is a peaceful tool and the rods diffuse the tapping force to work safely over the entire body, including the hard to reach back area and any extremities. Truth be told, using it helps to get rid of the tension better than any other gadget that I have at home, including the foam roller. Shoulders and upper back are the areas were many of us accumulate tension, but we can’t go for a back massage daily, can we? After one day’s use, I was hooked!

Katie recommends using body tapper after the morning shower or after exercise, but not the first thing in the morning. Why? Well, when we get up our body needs to pick up speed due to movement first and body tapping isn’t for ‘waking’ the body up from sleep.

“The Ritual”

Start by rapidly tapping down the insides of the arms, ending with the palm, then moving on to the outside of the hand and arm. Then move on to tapping inside and outside of legs, feet and soles. Tap in a clockwise circle around your abdomen (feels particularly relaxing and comforting), followed by tapping the area between your breasts, if you are a woman. In Chinese Medicine tapping the abdomen support the vital organs.

Know-How: tapping on the anterior elbow (cubital fossa) supports the heart and lung. Tapping on the armpit supports the liver. Tapping on the hip joint space connects with the spleen.

Tap vigorously over your shoulders, upper, mid and lower back (your kidneys will thank you for that!), as well as the bottom. You can also gently tap on your soft joints : inside of the elbows, armpits, backs of the knees and the inside of the hip joints.

If you tap slowly, your body quickly calms down. Tap more vigorously (but not as vigorously as monk Silas in Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code”!) and you will feel more awake and energised – a definite thumbs up for the afternoon energy dip! Also remember to start on the outside and then go on the inside of arms and legs when body tapping.

You can use Body Tapper on the children – while my son views it more like a martial arts weapon, my daughter finds using it very relaxing and called it “Happy Tappy”.

Body Tapper Bamboo tools are produced in limited quantities in China, providing business and support to the local community. Katie and her team work closely with the factory and visit them regularly to ensure ethical practices.

The Body Tapper Bamboo is a sustainably sourced product, that doesn’t require replenishment and that doesn’t require any plastics. Its packaging is made from doubled walled cardboard and where possible the brand doesnt’s use single wrap plastics or cellophane to wrap our products. None of the products have been tested on animals. No less importantly, it’s as fun to use, as it is effective. And its woody natural scent would remind and reinforce human connection with nature.

Katie means business when it comes to knowledge and product insights

To learn more about Hayo’u Method and bamboo Body Tapper, please click here (none of the links in this post are sponsored)

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