Hel Yes to Finns in town

I have Finnish friends, so when a Finnish institute in London opened a temporary space in Hackney dedicated to Finnish food and design exhibition, we made plans to go and have a look during the weekend.

 A former depot on Wenlock road houses an open kitchen restaurant, which has been completely booked (but you can have coffee or Finnish juices), open kitchen, small lecture space, bar, DJ booth and interesting furniture and textiles pieces. The staff working there is young and sweet, so even when the kids become loud, you are only gently reprimanded and it is done with a smile. Go and have a look as it will close its metal shutter door on October 3rd. 

p.s next to the depot there is a very interesting building (part offices, part residential) which also has a small pond and fountain in the inner courtyard (you can glance it through the gap in the fence, which only adds to the charm!). It’s such an usual space that I was instantly smitten.

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