Hello’s latest-Sandra’s cute baby

I admit to it-I am impartial to browsing through an issue of Hello every week (and yes, it can only be Hello & Grazia, and NOT any other useless weekly rag). And you know what? You simply have to part with £2 and buy it’s latest issue with Sandra Bullock and her happy surprise, adopted baby boy called Louis on its cover.

Sandra is one of those people who you can’t help but respond to. She is cute and she is funny in her movies and she also seems like a lovely person, who smiles and helps and doesn’t have too many airs and graces because of who she is. The down-side to her fame is the constant interest of mere mortals and the inevitable paparazzi, which is doubly difficult if one is going through a tough time.

She recently won an Oscar (see my April’s post on the ‘Blind Side’) and then all hell broke loose, because her husband has been supposedly unfaithful. For any person in love, in a steady relationship it is heartbreaking to realise the person you live with and love is not the person you think they are. But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining and Sandra’s baby boy is just that. She looks serenely happy on the cover and her little boy is so, so cute,even though he looks really serious in the pictures, probably thinking ‘hey, what is the fuss about?’. I hope this little man will bring her immense love and contentment and maybe, there will be a truly  special guy for her in the foreseeable future. But even if there won’t be, one thing is for sure-our kids change our lives for the better, fill it with incredible meaning and love that goes beyond anything.

My heart just melts looking at the two of them, happy amidst the media storm. Congratulations Sandra on becoming a mummy and I think Louis is very lucky to have her and a happy home to grow up in.

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