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For one reason or other some of us don’t go out for regular facials, and by regular I mean monthly. But what do you do, if you still want to look good? You go out and buy two new products, that I am going to tell you about below.

The first one is by a brand that I really like, Origins. It is called Brighter by Nature high-potency brightening peel with fruit acids. When you go for a facial, facialists often use some form of peel, as this needs to be done by a professional so it doesn’t burn your skin (peeling gets read of the dead skin cells and gives you fresher, younger looking skin) but Origins created a natural, fruit based peel that is safe to use twice weekly and it doesn’t leave your skin red or inflamed. After cleansing, you massage your face circle-wise with the pad and hey presto, a cleaner, brighter complexion will be achieved in no time. I was also given a sample of Brighter By Nature skin tone correcting serum, which gives your skin a lovely finish.

After that, I suggest you give Bliss’s triple oxygen + C energising cream a go. I have long been a fan of its Triple oxygen instant energising mask but this cream-gel formula is great for this time of the year, when spring has failed to fully materialise  and our complexions are still pale and uneven, after the dreadfully cold winter months. The cream will revive your stressed and tired skin but you will have to put a few minutes of facial massage in, for the product to be really effective. It also smells lovely and gives you a happy boost in the morning, if outside is looking grey.

Finally, a small treat for your lips. Body shop introduced a new line of lemon scented products and my new cheap thrill is called Sweet lemon lip butter (contains shea butter and beeswax)it moisturises your lips, gives them a slight, pretty sheen and tastes of lemon. You might even get away with not wearing any lipstick while your lips will be instantly kiss-ready. 

Bliss Triple Oxygen + C energising cream £45 for 55mls

Origins Brighter by nature High potency brioghtening peel with fruit acids £28 for 40 pads (used twice weekly will last 20 weeks). It is only available in Harrods until the end of April, when it will go on general release.

Body Shop Sweet Lemon Lip bitter £5  per 10ml pot

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