Hope for Haiti

We live in unsteady times. Every time you turn on the news you see sadness, brutality, hunger, devastation or human suffering. Those events became so regular we are almost used to them, almost immune, in a way doctors and nurses have to be in order to do their jobs and save lives.

The earthquake and aftershocks in Haiti have taken many lives, of the Haitians and of people who worked there, like UN staff, many of whom are still missing. Every day there are bulletins on news channels showing deserted, devasted streets, suffering, looting, death, tears, kids who are now orphanted-it tears at your heart, makes you want to cry and makes you very greatful that you still have a roof over your head, your child is well fed and hydrated and that your family and friends are safe & well.

Yesterday George Clooney and Wyclef Jean hosted a telethon with many actors and singers participating, singing, talking to callers in order to raise funds to help Haiti recover and for Haitians to re-build their lives, devastated by the nature’s force.   At the moment the amount raised stands at £35million but if you consider that the whole country will need to be re-build, people still don’t have access to clean water, proper medical help and regular food and drink they will need more, much more than that. And I am not even talking about the emotional pain, the fear all people of Haiti must be feeling, having lost their homes, posessions and their family members or friends.

I made a donation today on behalf of my little son to Unicef’s Haiti Earthquake Children’s Appeal fund and I urge you, please donate, no matter how small an amount, it will make a difference to Haitians and give them hope for the future and the understanding that the people around the world care. And hope at times like that is priceless.



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