If detox is on your mind ( part one ): The total detox plan by Sarah Brewer

It amuses me every year that practically every January issue of women’s magazines talks about the detox-come on, you just finish the festivities, you are on the emotional low-presents are open, parties are over, your waistline is escaping even out of the most comfortable pair of pants, it’s cold and miserable outside and you want us to detox? 

Nothing prevents you from starting to establish some reasonable guidelines in the run up to spring though-drink more water, try to exercise, even if it’s a fast-paced 20 minute walk and get a good detox book, so you will have plenty of time to read it and analyse what will work for you, so come March you will be rearing to go.

There are so many books on detox and new ones spring out like mushrooms from the end of December all through January, but I came across a book that was originally published in 2000, yet it will give you all the information you need.

‘The Total Detox Plan: the essential guide to cleansing your body and mind’ was written by Dr.detox plan Sarah Brewer, who takes a holistic approach based on scientific facts. Her clever little book ( 128 pages including the index) covers everything that you will need to know about detoxing in general and also will give you plenty of information on all the little things that will make your detox even more effective.

The book itself is divided into 12 chapters:

why detox? assess, cleanse, balance, refresh, energise, relax, indulge, enjoy, live, grow, total detox plan.

and it answers every single question you might have, from how should you fast and for how long, to what supplements to take to support your liver/kidney/intestinal functions and what nutritional supplements might be useful to incorporate into your daily routine, to how to reduce stress and what can be done to increase your libido and make you feel better about yourself, to how to detox your home-all of which will help you to undertake the total detox plan that lasts ten days.

Reading this book might even make you smile-there are plenty of things that you already might know, but it’s also full of general information to explain the logic and benefits behind the detox and trying to instill useful habits into daily lives, so we can live a more fulfilled, happy and healthy life.

The total detox plan by Dr Sarah Brewer, £ 4.69, Carlton Books on Amazon

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