If detox is on your mind (part two) : supplements from Fushi, The Organic Pharmacy & Bodyism

Let’s be honest, we all indulge during the festive season-at home, at parties, at restaurants and while it’s all nice and well deserved, it does take a toll not only on our bodies, but also on how we end up feeling overall. Too much sugar, too much alcohol, too much food and not so much exercise lead to us feeling lethargic at best. Come January we are back in the offices and doing school runs, lacking sunshine and feeling even worse…..

Doing a detox now will put even more pressure on your body, so instead of doing the actual detox,IMG_0329 just start incorporating some supplements into your diet. Take liver and kidney drops from The Organic Pharmacy that will help to ease the pressure that those organs have been experiencing during your indulgences-liver has to work so much harder when we drink alcohol, and that’s without the effect of too much rich foods. Those drops contain milk thistle ( protects liver cells from poisonous effect of alcohol & other toxins ), artichoke ( has liver regenerating effect & stimulates bile production ), dandelion ( has a strong cleansing action ), schizandra ( helps protect the liver by activating certain enzymes ), berberis ( rich in vitamin C ), astragalus & marshmallow.

Another brand, Fushi, also has a wide choice of supplements and oils that will nourish you and assist your body and various organs. Currently I am taking their Detoxipure capsules ( key active ingredients are: methionine & rhubarb root, that help to cleanse the body of toxins and pollutants; vitamin B & ginger, both of which assist the detoxification process and glutamine that helps to repair and regenerate our digestive function). You need to take two capsules  a day with a large glass of water. 

I also have started adding Fushi’s wheatgrass powder and organic spirulina to a smoothie that I now drink daily ( keep an eye on my next post that will give you all the details of the incredibly nourishing juice created by Vanda Serrador, my beautiful facialist with a mischievous smile ).

I also take Neal’s Yard Organic Beauty Oil on a regular basis, which I have mentioned before in my posts, that makes your skin, hair & nails look much healthier due to its omega fatty acids content ( you need to take it for at least a few weeks to fully appreciate or rather see the benefits ). Another beneficial oil, that you can take orally, add to your smoothie or porridge is Fushi’s organic coconut oil, which helps to maintain good cholesterol levels, assists weight management & proper digestions-it also tastes quite nice too!

Many nutritionists and trainers also suggest that we take a stomach probiotic from time to time, to maintain proper gut flora, which, if it is out of sync, can lead to all kinds of nagging problems.

James Duigan and Dalton Wong from Bodyism have been a well-hidden secret of women in the know until a few years ago. I really like their approach to both health and fitness and you just have to look to their clients, like Elle Macpherson and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who have always said that their bodies are the result of hard work, combining diet and exercise, so there are no miracles-if you work hard, you get results, no magical pill is going to make you a slim goddess.

I like Bodyism supplements too and would recommend incorporating their ‘Ultimate clean probiotic fibre’ into your diet, as it contains 37% fibre, which is essential if you want to keep your gut well and working as it should be, clearing out the toxins and keeping your digestive tract healthy ( ingredients include psyllium husks, yucca powder, gluten free fermented rice bran, ground cinnamon and ginger ). 

Armed with the supplements above and coupled with a moderation in eating, drinking plenty of fluid, dry skin brushing in the morning and doing a little bit of exercise daily will make you and your body feel better and will prepare you for a proper detox, if you want to do a spring clean of sorts, come spring solstice. 




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