Beat The Blues with Drops of Gold

Life, like nature, is beautiful, but it is also complex. We are increasingly digitally overloaded, we suffer from stress & heightened emotions, we juggle work & relationships, all the while maintaining the glossy outlook that is on display via our social media feeds. Even the most optimistic person struggles to keep the jolly game face on at all times and that’s where Ilapothecary & their Beat The Blues line of products come into play. Their latest launch, called Drops of Gold, is a product with a specific purpose.

Ilapothecary drops of gold
Ilapothecary Drops Of Gold

Drops Of Gold ( from Ilapothecary Beat The Blues range of products ) is a powerful blend of Gold, Phyto-Actives and Homeopathy that promises to help boost the mood, lift emotions & sense of vitality, especially at the time when you are in need of purpose and support.

At the launch of the Drops at Ilapothecary flagship in Kensington Church street, members of the press and bloggers gathered in the morning and in the afternoon to chat, learn and to blend. What made a marked difference to this event, if I were to compare it to some of the other recent wellbeing presentations, is the inner calm that even the most jadded of us felt upon entering the store and closing the door behind us. The place has the invisible aura of reassuring calm and you can’t help, but exhale all the worries and savour the respite, while you are inside.

Blend cafe in Kensington Church street
food from the neighbouring Blend cafe

Fuelled by some delicious granola bowls, vegan chocolate brownies, Ilapothecary herbal teas ( the hormonal blend is as delicious, as it is nurturing for body & soul ) and Blend plant milks, we were introduced to someone very special – a multi-talented practitioner Sophie Andrews that led our presentation and workshop.

Sophie Andrews
Ilapothecary multi-discipline practitioners Sophie Andrews and Dagmara

I have had the pleasure of experiencing Sophie’s treatments and on a few occasions gently encouraged her to become more vocal about her knowledge, urging her to share it with a wider audience. Not as an opposition to the growing number of unsubstantiated influencers, but rather as a much needed in wellness domaine voice of a calm, kind and knowledgable individual. Spreading experience and wisdom that Sophie has been steadily gaining for many years, through her learning and practise of multiple holistic disciplines, ranging from massage to craniosacral therapy.

The beauty of Drops of Gold is its multilayering of its benefits that will slowly unfold once you place the drops on your tongue or under it

Ilapothecary team

So imagine my delight when Sophie led this special workshop, a first for 2020, guiding us to create our own Beat The Blues Drops Of Gold Drops under her and other therapist, Dagmara, watchful gazes.

Ilapothecary blending workplace
blending workplace

Beat the Blues Drops of Gold (Ingredients): “Aurum Metallicum (Gold) 30C, Homeopathic Pulsatilla 30C, Natrum Muriaticum 30C,
Homeopathic Gelsemium 30C*, Crocus Stavius Stigma powder (Saffron Powder), Hypericum Perforatum, Glycerin. Homeopathic ingredients are diluted with organic grain ethanol and aqua.

“There are two methods of healing: by contraries and by similars. Our natures are the physicians of our diseases.”

Hippocrates, father of medecine

Sophie gave us a brief history lesson on homeopathy and its founder Samuel Hahnemann, who believed that like cures with like (he came to the conclusion that any substance which can make you ill, can also heal you). What was fascinating to learn, was that he maintained “a no cure, no fee system” in his clinic. It certainly made me ponder the cost of medicine and access to medical treatments in the modern world.

Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine that has existed for many years, yet it is still a subject that is divisive and a modality that is ridiculed often enough. I know some doctors who believe in its power and efficacy and think it works well alongside traditional medicine. Equally I know people who view homeopathy with scepticism.

Homeopathic remedies are highly diluted and agitated. The more diluted they are, the more potent. Sophie explained to us that agitation creates an electrochemical pattern, which is stored in the dilutant, which then spreads, like liquid crystal, through the body’s own water. 

Ingredient Intel
Ilapothecary drops of gold
Ilapothecary Drops of Gold

Gold (Aurum Metallicum) has been known to be used by Arabic doctors in the 12th century to treat melancholia & heart conditions. In homeopathy gold is used to nurture our emotional centre & help us reconnect with joy. It suits people who set high goals & are concerned with family and financial matters. It has ‘affinity’ with the mind, heart, vascular system, bones, glands, liver and kidneys.

Pulsatilla, Gelsemium + Natrum muriaticum: A restorative combination to help alleviate anxiety and bring inner balance to the mind and body.

Pulsatilla in this instance is made from the whole meadow pasqueflower or windflower. This homeopathic remedy is known to help with weepiness and feeling out of control emotionally. It is often prescribed for grief or when feeling like you need more emotional support. Pulsatilla is also a useful remedy for depression due to hormonal changes after childbirth or menopause. 

Gelsemium is made from the rhizome and rootlets of Gelsemium sempervirens, a yellow flower. It is known in homeopathy as the remedy for people facing anxiety due to feelings of inadequacy, pressure from others or finding it hard to socialise & fearful of losing control. 

Nat Mur – Natrum muriaticum is a very deep acting remedy, used by homeopaths for grief and deep sadness. Typically, Natrum muriaticum will help those people who are sensitive, but who have learnt to keep their feelings in tact, a perfect paradigm of the very British “stiff upper lip”. They tend to be stoical and to get on with things, to “bottle things up” regardless of how unhappy they may be feeling. Being nice to them when they are upset makes them feel worse and they hate breaking down in front of you.

essential reading on Homeopathy

St.John’s Wort Herb and Saffron is powerfully positive alchemical blend that helps boost the mood with energy of hope and optimism.

St. John’s wort is widely believed to boost mood and provide some relief from depression. Research has shown that ingredients in the herb (hypericin and hyperforin) increase levels of certain brain chemicals, like serotonin. People with depression often have low levels of serotonin and other neurotransmitters. It is also known to help relieve anxiety and uplift, treats mild and moderate depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), as well as sleep problems.

Important note: Not to be taken alongside antidepressants!

Saffron is known to help ncreases dopamine in brain. In Ancient Greece it was well known & used for its medicinal properties. People would eat saffron to enhance libido, boost mood and improve memory. Saffron is also called the “sunshine spice.” That’s not just due to its colour, but also because it may help ‘brighten your mood’. It is widely believed that it helps treat symptoms of mild-to-moderate depression.

Ilapothecary workshop
Interiors at the Drops of Gold workshop

During the Beat The Blues workshop that Ilapothecary team hosted, mindfulness was at the core. Every effort was made for us to be comfortable and relaxed. It certainly helped to set the mood and tone that Sophie has the calmest soothing voice that would be as perfect singing lullabies, as it would be reading a text for your bedtime mindfulness app. It flows like an unhurried river, instilling the feeling of a protected cocoon all around you, even in a busy room.

Curious Fact: did you know that it’s not recommended to put homeopathic remedies through x-rays, as it can affect their efficacy?

Beauty is in detail

We were given vase-like glass bottles, placed on positively charged silver mats and pipettes, so each one of us was adding ingredients in turn. I assure you that it’s not as easy as it sounds, but was a perfect exercise in focussed concentration & collaboration between mind & fingers. Once all the ingredients were in, based on specific amounts, we gently swirled the mixtures, silently saying a mantra of what we wanted the drops to bring to our bodies and then poured the tincture into Miron glass bottles. Last step was to add date and name, proudly observing our creations, feeling like a knowledgable chemist for all of five seconds.

Before we all got on with our day, Sophie guided us through a Gong Bath, as our tinctures were placed on the window & continued to be charged with soothing vibrations that filled the room we were in. It might sound a bit ‘new age’ to those of you who haven’t experienced it, but what it does, is help ground your body and relax the mind, emptying it of clutter and endless stream of though. Then you open your eyes, feeling refreshed & clear headed, and are ready to fly the comfortable nest for pastures new.

Ilapothecary beat the blues
personalised version of Drops of Gold

As I write this, I have been using the Drops of Gold twice a day for a week. I use the tincture that I created under Sophie’s guidance and once the bottle is finished, will start taking the drops that were made beforehand, curious to feel, if there are any differences or nuances between the two bottles.

As I mentioned earlier, I have never suffered from depression or low mood, as I am naturally an optimistic person. What I did notice since I started taking those drops from Beat the Blues range, is that the feeling of calm seems to remain in my mind and body. I seem less reactive to situations that might normally flare my temper and even on occasion when I feel cross, it’s as if there is an invisible string inside of me, acting like a diffuser or breaks, encouraging me to tread softly. The sweetness of drops adds initial mellowness, which then slowly spreads around the body and makes me feel pensive.

calm reigns

This product is not meant to replace prescribed chemical antidepressants, but to help uplift those in need of support and to help reconnect with the positive aspects of life. It is suitable for diabetics. If on medication, please first consult your doctor. £29 15ml

The NUMEROLOGY: Ilapothecary uses the study of numerology to reinforce and establish the intent of each product. For Beat the Blues, the number 27 is associated with believing in yourself and listening to your intuition. It is self-affirming and fortifying.

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