In-conversation with Tata Harper: on beauty, balance & motherhood

In the last couple of weeks Tata has been on the tour of Europe, presenting new product launches and catching up with retailers and her customers ( more of which later ). Her schedule has been relentless, yet she looked glowing when we met in London last week, as she was finishing her tour and planning to fly back home with her husband. Tata has such even, glowing skin, one needs to be very confident to take Instagram pictures with her and that is the testament to her skincare products ( only last weekend she was mentioned in Stella’s ’20 Cult Beauty Brands You’ve never heard Of’ but having met Tata a couple of years ago at Content I can testify that her skincare works on women from their 20 years upwards of 60 + – not a lot of skincare brands can truthfully say that is the case ).


Recently Tata launched two new cleansers ( Nourishing Oil Cleanser & Purifying Cleanser ) in the US and they are expected to reach British shores in January, so don’t spend all of your money in the run up to Christmas .) Unfortunately many women still lack the understanding that without properly cleansing their faces twice a day even the best skincare in the world isn’t going to solve their problems or slow-down the signs of ageing. That is why Tata is so passionate about the power of cleansing ritual, particularly at the end of the day, when you can lock yourself in the bathroom and thanks to her new cleansers pamper your senses and your skin.



Nourishing Oil Cleanser: it has a luxurious texture but is in no way greasy, so don’t be nervous. It will remove the make-up, even heavy one, while nurturing your skin and with the colour of liquid honey it is very pretty to look at as you apply it to your face. It contains Beta-Carotene, Vitamins A, C, E, Lycoprene and Omega 3. This combination of ingredients will soften and purify the skin, as well as improve your skin’s texture with regular use and soften the skin, making it ideal for dry or de-hydrated skin. As this cleanser is an oil and oil pulls oil, after use excess sebum will be washed off and it will help normalise the process of cell turnover leading to even, healthy, beautiful skin that we all desire, irrespective of our age.

There is a lot of research into accelerated ageing due to the depletion of ozone layer and negative impact of free radicals

According to Tata’s cleansing protocol, here is the best way to use both of the cleansers ( they are ideal for evening use, when you skin needs a thorough cleanse after you have been out and about and gathered dirt and pollution on its surface ).


  • First, lightly wet the hands and pump a few pumps of the Nourishing Oil Cleanser into the palms. Smooth over your face so it’s completely covered and let it sit for a few seconds.
  • Splash a bit of water on the skin ( make sure it is luke-warm not hot or cold ) and begin a brief facial massage: really massage the oil into the skin in circular motions, focusing on the area around the nose, the cheeks, chin and forehead. This boosts micro-circulation, which flushes fresh blood and oxygen into the skin to give it a healthy glow.
  • Rinse thoroughly.


While the skin is still damp, apply a few pumps of the Purifying Cleanser to the whole face (and experience that incredibly zesty, wake-you-up scent!).

  • Massage lightly, to activate the enzymes and essential oils and to allow the product to really penetrate the skin. Make sure you avoid the eye area.
  • Rise thoroughly, and viola! Skin will be clean and tingling, soft to the touch and totally makeup free.

Purifying Cleanser has a creamy texture and was developed to detoxify the skin and help counteract the negative environmental factors that effect your skin daily and lead to premature ageing. It will help to get read of the dead skin cells and clear pores of excess oil. Tata created a powerful cocktail of soap-free purifying sugars, broccoli extract and fruit enzymes. It has a sort of minty smell and when you pat your skin dry after using it, you will feel a slightly cool sensation that is incredibly pleasant. With the use of those two cleansers, as well as regular exfoliation ( depending on your skin type ) your skincare products will penetrate better, making them more effective and helping to slow down the affect of time on your skin.

Engage with the customers!

Both formulas took about a year and a half to perfect from the moment of conception but Tata also says that while she loves the formulating & creative process, she also thoroughly enjoys meeting her customers and finding out what they think of the products, listening to their skin concerns and requests for new products. Those discussions often determine the process of next product development. At the same time Tata never rushes and takes time to develop the products until she is completely satisfied with what it does for the skin.

Another new addition to Tata Harper skincare range is the Moisturising Mask and when you smell it, you will be torn between slathering you face and neck in it or resisting the temptation to lick it – it truly smells as good as the dessert counter in Angelina in Paris.


This mask contains a proprietary MoistureMolecule Complex which will infuse your skin with bio-compatible Hyaluronic Acid to promote deep hydration. This treatment mask helps to protect skin from moisture loss ( by helping the water to circulate evenly within your skin matrix ) and adds beautiful luminosity to your skin within minutes – as it is a leave-on, overnight treatment, imagine its effect that is accelerated by skin’s renewal process during night-time, when you sleep.

The mask will increase hydration, improve skin’s ability to retain moisture and add dewyness to your skin

When you feel that your skin is lacking moisture ( it is also perfect for when you are sitting on a plane during a long-haul flight ), apply this mask ( you need two pumps for your face and neck ) after cleansing and toning and enjoy its beautiful smell, as you get ready to wind down the day. Tata also says that it can be used as often as needed during the day: apply a couple of pumps to the face, leave on for 10 – 15 minutes and use a tissue to wipe off any excess that hasn’t been absorbed. I did this recently in the middle of the day and then sat down to meditate, after a particularly stressful morning – my skin looked so lovely I couldn’t be bothered to apply make up, so I put on a little bit of Tata’s new lip and cheek tint on the apples of my cheeks and lips and continued with the rest of the hassle and bustle of my day as happy as Cinderella getting ready for the ball.


Best way to be beautiful & stay healthy

Now, what is your favourite make-up multi-tasker? I always favour the one that I can use on both my cheeks and my lips, so when Tata recently launched Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint I couldn’t wait to try it and Tata didn’t disappoint. The tint comes in three shades:

Very Vivacious ( according to the description on Tata’s website, ‘it is a modern coral’. The shade has orange and brown undertones, blends beautifully and suits women with warm complexions, as well as dark or brown hair- that is my opinion )

Very Charming ( it is a beautiful pink shade that creates a very natural flush of colour that is soft and not harsh, even when you have a pale complexion );

Very Sweet ( I haven’t tried it so far, but Tata told me it is a soft peach shade that you can also use as highlighter – a triple multi-tasker )


Tata Harper Skincare products are made by a small team of people, with hand-pouring and gentle mixing being part of the process. When Tata was developing this product, having been asked endlessly by her clients, she wanted to create a colour product with skincare benefits so Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint delivers a more modern beauty experience, by combining lush natural pigments with the latest in anti-aging skincare technology. The tint will not only add colour to your lips and cheeks but will also, at the same time, plump up the skin, adding volume where you want & need it.


Each Tint shade combines rich natural color, softening moisturizers and nourishing minerals with Spanish Lavender and Lipo-amino Acid Technology that help plump your cheeks and lips. The tints are incredibly smooth and easy to blend, so if you want more colour you just add on a bit and blend it into the contours of the apples of your cheeks ( you really notice the plumping effect after you use it for just a couple of days ) and all over lips. The two out of three shades that I tried are very versatile and will suit most complexions. Another lovely surprise is that they are long-lasting unlike most, cosmetic or natural, blushers that we all tend to use. There is a barely discernible vanilla smell and the tints don’t have any flavour ( and neither do Tata’s lip treatments ). If your lips feel dry, I would recommend using a clear lip balm a few minutes before following it up with the tint. The pots have a lovely heaviness to them, making them very comfortable to hold when applying or re-applying the colour and they are quite eye-catching and easy to find in the midst of your make-up bag as well.

As well as being beauty and brains behind Tata Harper, Tata is also a mother of three & of course I wanted to ask her about the tips for combining work with motherhood successfully. Tata, who comes from entrepreneurial family, says that if you want to succeed you need to be very scheduled & prioritize things. She tries to set a good example for her children by working hard, but also making sure she spends time with them doing things as a family.

Tata Harper customers are thinking women of all ages who look after their health as part of their beauty routine

Does Tata have time to exercise, as many of us fall of the fitness wagon once we have kids? Tata found the solution by fitting her exercises around the time she spends with her kids, so she might do targeted ab work while they watch tv or work on her arms or legs. A recent Instagram image captures her doing wall-climbing with her daughter – ‘my kind of Sunday’, in Tata’s own words. Remember that at least 20 minutes of exercise a day will not just improve your skin, but your mood and your health.

Tata believes in starting to look after one’s skin long before the ageing process kicks in, as well as eating well and using daily sun-protection, as sun exposure is one of the biggest factors when it comes to skin aging.

When it comes to current favourite ingredients Tata says that she is very excited about using natural muscle relaxing technology, like the one used in one of her best-sellers, Elixir Vitae ( it has Spilantes extract from the island of La Reunion, where locals use it in tea to sooth & relax sore throats; and Snowflake Bulb Extract that helps to block muscle contractions). Those ingredients, as well as Spanish Lavender, that is contained in Tata Harper Lip Treatments ( they come in three shades, from a natural one to a lovely red one ) act as natural alternative to injectables like Botox.

When it comes to changes in seasons and its effect on our skin’s needs , Tata says that they play an important role in helping us decided what our skin needs in order to function optimally. In autumn and winter, for example, when we turn the heating on inside, while it is damp and cold outside, extremely moisturising products can benefit our skin by fortifying it – as an example Tata recommends combining a pump of her new Fortifying Body Lotion with a pump of Revitalising Body Oil, thus adding nurture, softness and suppleness to our skin even when it is hidden under a multitude of layers.

So there you go, some new products to look forward to being launched early next year, as well as some beauty & life advice from a woman who combines work & motherhood with a vivacious smile. I hope it will make you think about the way your approach the choice of your skincare products, as well as help you make some helpful changes that will make you feel more in balance with yourself, inside and out.

Tata Harper skincare products are free from synthetics, toxins, fillers, artificial fragrance & colours.

For all things Tata Harper, visit her website here

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