international women’s day or women are doing it for each other

8th of march is an international women’s day in Russia and for as long as I can remember men in my family or males around me made an effort to make the day a little bit special for women-a smile, a bunch of flowers, a seat on the train or a bus, a day off from cooking dinner or washing up after dinner….Mundane? Certainly! But very sweet and nice never-the-less.

Brits don’t celebrate this occasion (after all they have Mother’s day .) which we Russians don’t tend to celebrate) and I kind of consider it a ‘secret’ enjoyment day.) What made me giggle yesterday, however, was the fact that it was mainly women who were calling/e-mailing each other, wishing each other well or joking about the lack of effort/input from men.

Don’t get me wrong, if anything it made me appreciate being a woman and having a strong female loving network or being appreciated by older males .) but it is a shame that the younger male generation is not putting an effort into making their loved ones feel a little bit special on this day-sign of the times? I guess so, everyone seems to be so stressed and preoccupied, that we seem to forget that a kind word or a flower can make someone’s day and for us, women, it’s nice to be appreciated by men, not as an object or a convenient person to be next to but for being female, daring, fun, pretty, ageless, smart and so much more-after all, what would our world be without women? We certainly do make our planet a better place to live on! And that makes me really proud to be part of that very special and unique network……

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