Isabel Marant’s french style

Women in every country have their own style and the one that French women have we are often keen to follow, but how? Nowadays there are plenty of shops on our High streets that bear French names, like Zadig & Voltaire, Comptoir des Cottoniers, Paul & Joe or APC among others. Z&V, for example, is great for jeans, leather jackets and soft, cool cashmere, while you have to browse more carefully at Comptoir but you will inevitably leave with a pair of trousers or a soft pretty blouse that will stay in your wardrobe for a few seasons, without losing style credibility. Lately many fashionistas & journalists seem to talk or write about Isabel Marant. She has been lovingly building her label since 1994 but in the last couple of years her clothes started flying off the rails and the hype seems to only be getting bigger (and deservedly so!).

I was in her shop in Paris last year and even though the clothes, in my opinion, are more suited to slim, elegant women of different ages, one can find something stylish to fit. Her clothes are pretty, but quiet, speaking of comfort and French chic but you feel ‘edgy’ when wearing them. I remember a pair of woollen trousers that I bought at Aimein Notting Hill (until recently the only shop in London selling Isabel Marant collections). They felt rough to the touch, were dark grey and looked like a mix of low riding pants and jodhpurs yet they felt sexy, edgy and cool. Now you can buy her at or there is always an option of going to Paris, to her shops and asking the pretty French shopping assistant for advice.

P.s Isabel Marant is married to Jerome Dreyfuss, who is a bag designer (he used to design clothes too).He is inspired by the furniture and modern architecture but he thinks of women’s lifestyle when designing the bags that are bound to end up on our shoulders or in our hands.

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