Issue of privacy

Lately you cannot open the newspaper or tabloid magazine without your eye hitting the name of Tiger Woods and his supposed indiscretions. I understand that he is a public persona and one of the greatest golfers in the world but still, as any human being, he has a right to privacy, especially when it comes to family life.

If what is being said is true, his wife must be hurting terribly but no one seems to care about that or take the fact that they have 2 small children into consideration. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, unless you choose to sell your family life stories, there should be boundaries which shouldn’t be crossed.

There will always be women (and men too, but to a lesser extent, as society frowns upon men’s ‘tell all’ stories) willing to sleep with a famous guy so they can sell the story later and the sad thing is that those unworthy females actually get paid for dishing out their garbage. The supposed ex-lover telling about the affair and apologising to the wife-does she think it will make her feel better or is it a calculated attempt to make more money out of the situation?

Yes, Tiger Woods has been cultivating a ‘squeaky clean’ image that has added significantly to his bank balance but even if he slept around it doesn’t take away his professional achievements or diminish them. There are plenty of famous professionals in various fields whose true personalities don’t match the public perceptions but it doesn’t change the fact that some people are much more talented or more exceptional in their chosen field than the rest of us. And we are talking about possible affairs with grown up women, not minors, not rapes, nothing gruesome or punishable by law. Everyone’s allowed to live their lives as they want to, guided by the laws of the society. And what happens behind closed doors should remain there.

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