It runs in the family!

CracksSometimes I want to watch a certain movie but don’t get down to it until quite a few months have gone by-you know how it is, planning is one thing, real life is quite another .)  

I admit to being a huge fan of Ridley Scott,  ‘The Gladiator’ and ‘A Good Year’ being just a few of the firm favourites.  I always end up a little bit drunk on the red wine while watching the latter and the Chateaux where it was filmed is definitely worth the visit if you are in that part of France!!! 

The latest production of the Scott brothers, ‘A Good Wife’ keeps me on the edge of the seat, and I love the fact that men can produce a soap about a smart, well-educated woman who is a good wife and a mother, who works hard and holds herself high during life’s perils, while giving you a food for thought.

I have heard about the directorial debut of Ridley Scott’s daughter Jordan Scott, called ‘Cracks’ and staring Eva Green (of the Bond girl and ‘Dreamers’ fame) and a few days ago  finally sat down to watch it.

It tells the story of a progressive teacher Ms G who is young and vibrant, unlike the majority of the straight-laced matrons working for the private school for girls in the 1930s on the English coast. The arrival of a beautifully aristocratic new student Fiamma sets events in motion that are going to change both the school and the girls forever.

The film is poignantly sad, the setting and the actors are beautiful and the way that it is filmed just took my breath away-each frame is exquisite, so if you are feeling melancholic, ‘Cracks’ is definitely the one to watch, for the beauty and the drama rolled into one.

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