James Nares+Coach=perfect bag

I have been a long-standing admirer of the talent of artist James Nares ( he moved to the US from Great Britain in the seventies and has been exploring his talent through artistic expression in music, film and painting)-his single stroke canvas make me feel joyously speechless just by looking at them. They are so colourful and so incredibly mind-blowing that I just dream of owing one of his canvases some time in the future, but imagine my happy surprise when I recently saw an article in Lonny magazine about artist’s collaboration with an American leather goods brand Coach.


There are five brushstroke paintings in a single limited edition collection of five bags ( there are only 175 of each around the world ) that just made me feel like a giddy teenager when I was looking at them at Liberty’s of London where Coach has a concession on the lower ground floor. The bags ( black, blue, orange, pinky/purple and green ) are made out of double-layered Italian canvas and leather trimmed at the bottom, with leather handles and a strap. Each bag is held together by a single seam in order to prevent canvas interruption.


The bags aren’t cheap, retailing at £725 but if you consider that James Nares has exhibited his paintings at MoMa, Boston Museum of Fine Art, Frieze Art Fair and Hamilton’s gallery in London and sells for about $25,000, you might consider this bag to be a wise, arty investment. 

James Nares designed Coach bags are available exclusively at Liberty’s of London 


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