January beauty buys

I have a confession to make-I am a beauty junkie-I love make up, creams, lotions & potions with a passion and my husband likes to joke that I can open a beauty parlour in my bathroom. Well, a girl has to be a girl and have little life pleasures, wouldn’t you agree?

Every month I make notes about the new innovations on the beauty market. Armed with that I go out, try things out, get some samples or buy things straight away.

So, what is new on my shelves in January? Firstly, a face oil from my magical friend Michelle Roque-O’Neil. She now assesses your skin condition and mixes you an oil taking into account not only things specific to your skin, but according to the weather/season outside too. My winter oil contains jasmine, frankincense, rose, camomile and argan oils among other things. I put it on every night and my skin thanks me (and Michelle!) for it. For the morning I bought a Body Shop’s ‘nutriganics’ smoothing day cream (it contains babassu oil) which makes my skin velvety smooth to the touch. Yesterday I also got a free big sample (thank you February’s issue of Instyle magazine) of Origins Modern friction, which is a grainy scrub that doesn’t strip your skin but gets read off the dead skin cells and allows your skin to renew itself more effectively.

Foundation wise-and I like my face to look groomed but not apparently ‘made up’ I bought Becca’s luminous skin colour, which evens out my skin tone, gives me a bit of colour and makes me feel better.

One miss so far was from a brand called Yes to Carrots. My hair has been really fine lately and based on good advice I bought the ‘pampering hair mud conditioner’ but it made no difference at all. It only cost £5.49 but you don’t want to throw away an almost unused 500 ml bottle of something, do you? And you know what? It can be used as a shaving cream and it does leave a lovely sheen on the skin. Problem solved!

To continue with the hair, let me mention Shu Uemura’s essence absolue nourishing protective oil. It smells like heaven and protects the hair from frizz, dryness and nurtures it. It also makes hair look glossier and who can say now to all those benefits. A 150ml bottle costs £40 but it is going to last you a long time.

Now, the blusher, as the girl cannot have too many. My latest buy is from my favourite make up brand Bobby Brown and her sheer colour cheek tint glides nicely, makes you look ‘naturally’ blushed and fits into a tiny purse too-handy for travel or going out.

My lips feel so dry in this magically snowy weather , so wearing lipstick can be tricky-you don’t want uneven, patchy, unkissable lips. Try YSL’s gloss volupte in 1-it moisturises, tastes delicious and adds a little bit of colour-win win situation on all fronts.

Now something fop the nails. It seems that Chanel sets the trend for that one but if you want the ‘colour of the moment’ it either has a huge waiting list or is sold out as haughty sales girls will tell you-often they look like they actually own the Chanel brand themselves and I don’t mean it nicely! Remember in autumn all the magazines ‘screamed’ about Chanel’s jade colour? I am not the one for waiting lists, so I bought Essie’s mint candy apple (702) and you know what? For one, my son hated it-like a true male, he loves red nail polishes and he is not even two! Secondly, after using it a couple of times I am sooo bored with it. Now, Chanel’s colour in Trapeze (367)-a pearly light grey colour is another story. I searched high and low for it in London with no luck. Internet was of no help either. I tried Paris-Sephora was sold out, but I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t get my hands on a bottle. I got the last bottle in one of Chanel’s boutiques with a help of a very sweet lady assistant. It looks really nice, and works for both day and a night out.

Last, but not least, another moisturising treat for your face. It comes from Origins and is called ‘Drink up intensive overnight mask’ (£20 for 100mls). I put it on in the evening after cleansing my face and tissue off the excess. It smells like ice-cream and makes your skin look nourished and dewy in the morning. It also helps to keep up the moisture reserves, which we all lack at this time of the year, because of radiator heat inside and coldness outside. I suggest you use it once or twice a week but you will see the results as soon as you start using it-drinking herbal teas and water will certainly help, but I for one tend not to drink enough.

Hope you will like some of the products and please feel free to make your comments or send me your tips. And remember, if you don’t pamper yourself, no one else will.

2 thoughts on “January beauty buys

  1. Happy New Year

    Thanks for the great article. Please tell your Husband that you are not alone with your love of beauty products, if you ever of want to open a chain of beauty palours we can combine bathrooms!

    I also like many Origins products and use Modern Friction several times a week.

    Becca is also a firm favorite.

    One product that stands out for me is Macademia Healing Hair Oil Treatment. This really works for me. You can purchase a trial size 10ml bottle for £5.95 and it lasts for ages.

    This is what they say about the product:

    The Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment is also available in this trial size bottle and is perfect for all hair types and especially beneficial to dry, damaged hair. Some of the benefits of this hair care product include intense nourishment, a beautiful smoothing effect and a long lasting, tangle-free, frizz-free finish. Your hair will be left in an ultra smooth, manageable and shiny condition with this lightweight, non-greasy product. Macadamia has also been proven to extend the life of colour treatments by simply reducing the fade normally associated with hair colouring. This healing oil has a natural UV protector and can reduce drying time by an amazing 40 to 50%.

    Check out Hairtrader.co.uk

    Hope you like it as well.

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