January fitness regime

Until recently many magazines encouraged us to do a detox in January, when, as far as I know, it’s a totally wrong time of the year to start a body blitz. We all tend to overindulge during the festive season and on top of that it’s still cold, so our bodies are under par. Mid January, as the life settles back into the routine and the grey clouds outside make everyone feel down, is a good time to gently start guiding your body back to fitness. Even if it is for twenty minutes a day, a brisk walk with a dog or taking the kids to the park, it still is a good start.

I tend to look into new DVD releases in January and so far, I can tell you about three of them that I have slotted into my extensive collection.

Firstly, a Gaiam release of ‘Trudie Styler’s warrior yoga’. It was filmed on Sting & Trudie’s Tuscan estate and the surroundings make you breathe deeper and feel a little bit happier-my personal favourites are the lavender bushes in bloom and candles and moroccan lamps dotted on the grass that stretch into infinity. You have a 50 minute warrior workout, a 25 express Warrior workout, two five minute meditations and some bonus material to please your eye & your ear. The yoga guidance is done by James D’Silva, who used to be a dancer and now has his own yoga/pilates practise in Maida Vale. The practices are quite fluid and not too difficult but there is definitely a potential to grow with it, without pushing yourself too hard, especially when it’s so cold & miserable outside. My only small criticism is that James’s instructions can be a little bit clearer, as you concentrate on your moves without looking at the TV screen and on a couple of occasions I ended up in positions different to what James & Trudie were doing on screen.

The second DVD is by one of my favourite personal trainers (and no, so far I haven’t had the privilege to train with her) Kathy Kaehler. In the past she had DVDs with Claudia Schiffer and also released a fantastic post-pregnancy exercise DVD with Cindy Crawford (when I am lazy, I still do it and enjoy it immensely). This one, titled ‘Total body workout’ contains six ten-minute workouts (cardio one & two, stretching, sculpting legs, sculpting arms and sculpting core). You can do one or ‘play’ with them, depending on your time or mood. The instructions are clear and Kathy’ smiling attitude of encouragement makes you want to do each segment, even if you are starting to feel the ‘burn’.

Last, but not least, is the DVD by one of the prettiest yoga instructors Shiva Rea. She looks luminous & super fit (you can study anatomy looking at her body) and her DVDs are always filmed in the most breathtaking surroundings. This one is called ‘Daily Energy-vinyasa flow yoga’ and it has seven 20 minute practises to mix as you please. Shiva tells you that it’s preferable to do daily yoga, even if it’s a short practise, rather than a long one occasionally. It works with your body & your mood, a customised practise of sorts that energises or relaxes you, but definitely makes you feel better about yourself.

If I am completely honest, my fitness routine can be sporadic. I can go from working out four or five times a week for a month, doing pilates, yoga, aerobics, step etc.(not all in the same day!)  to just walking with my son or my dog and then getting cross with myself that a couple of pounds become noticeable on my waist line. But we all live in the real world, with lots of stress, responsibilities and things that need our constant attention and finding the time for you is important. Of course I can’t discount the benefit of going out to see a film or having a quiet moment to read a book or a magazine but our bodies are given to us only once and we need to nurture them and look after them not only on the mental level but physical one too.

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