Japanese earthquake/tsunami

For the last few days I have been watching the news in horror, seeing the earth shake and buildings collapse in Japan, yet this amazing nation refuses to be hysterical, silently praying, calming the children and planning to rebuild what was destroyed, with no guarantee that it isn’t going to collapse in the future.

I have never been to Japan and don’t have any close Japanese friends, yet this nation has always fascinated me. To me Japan is almost like a religion-you need to learn a lot in order to understand either. The mentality, the culture, the way of life is so different to what we are used to in the West, yet on this occasion the world seems to be border-less again, with rescue teams from around the world going to Japan, people making donations  or a simple gesture like creating a special cherry blossom cupcake in order to raise funds for the victims of this disaster (from LOLA’s cupcakes, costing £5 and available in their stores or online with the 100% proceeds going to Japanese Red cross relief efforts-so you can indulge and help someone at the same time)


I think many of us are coming to realise that nothing is certain on our planet and a natural disaster can strike anyone and anywhere at any time and only together we stand a better chance of surviving.

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