Jessica Zoob’s Playtime exhibition at Loughran Gallery

If you are yet not familiar with the work of British artist Jessica Zoob I urge you to find the time and visit Loughran gallery where her latest exhibition ‘Playtime’ opened this week. Jessica’s new paintings celebrate ‘exuberance, unexpectedness and sheer heady enjoyment of life’.

I have been a fan of Jessica’s for a while and each time I saw her work at Loughran Gallery it drew me in, energizing my senses, as well as my soul. Jessica is a modern free spirit who delights in her ability to express herself through her work, while keeping her feet firmly on the ground. Her latest exhibition showcases her joy which is palpable even when her brush strokes are of a darker colour.


Take the time to exam Jessica’s work, drinking in her paintings like a connoisseur savouring the wine and feel yourself invigorated by the positive emotions that flow from her canvases.


Having met Juliette, the founder of Loughran gallery, the day after Jessica’s exhibition opening, I have to say that she is a very special woman. For one, she is very young for a gallery owner, yet knowledgable without being pretentious (Juliette sold 17 out of 38 the paintings even before the exhibition officially opened). She welcomes you into her gallery like a host welcomes a guest and that is exactly the ambiance that is one of Juliette’s calling cards. There is a cosy sofa in the back decorated by Jessica and framed by the pillows that she produced as part of her collaboration with Romo Black Editions last year. There are pots and vases of fresh, vibrant flowers that seem to be covered in morning dew & the smell of hyacinths reminds you of spring, even when the weather outside feels anything but.  There is a beautiful yellow Murano vase in the alcove – all of them create an impression of a chic, modern residence that is cosy and incredibly welcoming. Art frames our lives and our decor and whatever of Jessica’s canvasses ‘speaks to you’, I am sure the effect will linger.


 Jessica Zoob ‘Playtime’ exhibiton is at Loughran gallery, 20 Motcomb street, London, SW1X until June 14th, 2015

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