Jo Malone is back with a new fragrance venture!

I have been a fan of Jo Malone’s perfumes for many years, ever since I came into her first shop on Walton street and was overwhelmed by the choice of beautiful, fresh, evocative scents. Perfume is very personal, what I like might not work for you, but I always found gifts at Jo’st shop that my girlfriends fell in love with and stayed loyal to.

We all change and so did Jo’s life (she was diagnosed with breast cancer and what must have made the situation even scarier, her son was quite young at the time) and her brand, Jo Malone. She sold her business to Estee Lauder but stayed on as creative director until 2006.

I still pop into Jo Malone‘s stores-old habits die hard and I can’t live without one of her perfumes-it feels like that scent is part of my identity now, but I am very happy to report that Jo Malone is back creating perfumes and her new brand Jo Loves (see the link below). I expect great surprises in store from that incredible woman!

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