Joseph Altuzarra

JAJA3I read about Joseph Altuzarra’s designs on the blog of Garance Dore, went on his site and realised that I was looking at the work of a very strong and talented individual.

In London his spring/summer’10 collection is only stocked up at Liberty on Regent street and he is so new to them, that the sales girls were frowning and sending me in different directions until finally, I came on to one railing holding his clothes. There was a pretty, light purple dress with very beautiful twists and pleating, an asymmetrical khaki skirt that will hang sexily on the hips and a very light, beige suede trench. On the centre of the floor there was a few mannequins dressed in his long, unusual dresses, that will flatter your figure and make you stand out. If you like fashion, I would highly recommend that you go and have a look.

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