Jubilee promotion courtesy of Violet Lake

Summer is almost upon us, so many of us are contemplating the trip to the beach, be it in the UK or abroad, and with it comes the necessity to review our beach wear.

Violet Lake came up with a great idea, offering Violet Lake customers a special 15% discount until the 10th of June and also commemorating Queen’s Jubilee celebrations that are sweeping the country.

Violet lake

You don’t have to purchase a bikini or swimsuit in red white or blue ( as seen above: Bibi swimsuit in scarlet, Bonita and Mayday in white and Volpe and Loti in ultramarine ), but if you do, you will look very chic, as Violet Lake swimwear is not only stylish and holds you in in all the right places, it does offer you lots of colour combination!


Simply use the code QUEEN at the checkout for your discount to be applied.

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