Julie & Julia

J&J2Movies are such a pleasure, they take you away from reality and give you the time to enjoy the moment pf peace, laughter or reflection.

If I am honest, then I will admit to preferring European and Russian cinema to American, most of the time, as the stories run deeper, emotions are heightened and cinematography is so much more colourful but then you get a movie like ‘Julie & Julia’ and you sit back and savour it, like you favourite dessert.

The film came out a little while back but it’s only now that I managed to watch it-sometimes you are lucky to have the time to watch the film that you want as soon as it comes out and sometimes the time runs away from you and it can be months before you get to sit down and watch it.

Meryl Streep is always superb but she takes on the role of the American cooking doyenne Julia Childs with such gusto and such skill-the scene with shopping of the onion deserves an Oscar on its own merit. Stanley Tucci, as her diplomat husband is both funny and romantic and Amy Adams, as the frustrated New York bureaucrat Julia Powell, who takes a year of her life to cook every single of Julia’s recipes from the ‘Mastering the Art of French cooking’  (and write a blog about it) is very endearing.

I would recommend this movie for when you are feeling a bit down or tired, with a bowl of popcorn and I promise you, you will feel happier and more invigorated, before you go to sleep, which hopefully will be restful.

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