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Normally I start my day with a steaming and large (!) cup of coffee to get me going, but during the day I know that it’s the water that I need to drink in order to maintain my energy and hydration levels. All very well if it’s warm, but what do you drink when it becomes cold or just rains non-stop outside?

Well a good option is tea and Brits are known for their love of this powerful brew. I drink an odd cup of tea during the day and love Genmaicha green tea with popcornbut generally haven’t gone beyond 2 or 3 (at most ! ) cups of tea a day-not enough to sustain a daily hydration allowance of 1,5-2 litres. Lately, however, a love affair developed and his name, you will ask? A brand called Teapigs, if you have to know.

Teapigs offer a wide range of teas, from black to red (rooibos), to green to organic, to herbal, so you will be spoilt for choice. I am truly addicted to their ‘Camomile flowers’, which is made with crushed flowers and helps you unwind at the end of the day. You can also use those teabags/pyramids to infuse your bath, if you are really tired or nervous. My another addiction, which probably tops all others, is the Teapigs ‘Peppermint leaves’ tea. I like mint tea at any time of the year and often make it by infusing the teabag with some fresh mint, but Teapigs one is so fresh it cleanses your mouth and gives you a second breath of life-honestly, I have never tried such a refreshing mint tea in my life!

For current, cold times you can try their ‘Super Fruit’ (hibiscus, cranberries, blackberries, elderberries, currants and blueberries) or the ‘Spiced winter red tea’ which is also great if you are making mulled wine at this time of the year.So for now my hydration problem is sorted, keeping me well and happy plus it gives me a solution to some of my Christmas gifts dilemma, so have a look on their site .)

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  1. Great to see you’re a teapigs fan. I’ve always loved peppermint the most myself. The others are great too, but peppermint rules! I’ve just started a new food blog and I’m running a competition to try and promote my blog. I’m giving away 3 prizes – each of the three winners will recieve a box of teapigs Pepperming Leaves 15 Tea Temples.

    To enter visit my blog linked below and find out more:

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