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I don’t know about you, but I was always a foodie. When I was growing up I didn’t cook much, as I had my mother, aunt and both of my grandmothers indulging me and did they all feed me and our extended family with gusto and skill! When I got married I obviously had to make more of an effort in the kitchen, as my husband has a voracious appetite but I can’t say that I loved the process in the beginning.

Going out was always a treat but I appreciate it even more so now, when my palate is more ‘experienced’. However, it was the birth of my son, which made the food and how it tastes even more important to me. Don’t get me wrong, I did and still do buy on occasion organic baby food but I paid attention to what my son was drinking and eating as soon as I started weening him.

He, like all the kids, has his preferences and can be fussy when trying new things, but I try to make sure he eats a variety of food and try to respect his choices.

Sometimes I might cook something really easy, like scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and sometimes I might aim for chicken and prune tagine, but it took one meal out recently to make me change my mind about compromising.

Over the Easter weekend we drove to the zoo outside London, as a way of indulging our son and ourselves with seeing the animals in the fresh air. Lunch time came and I started looking around for a place to sit down and eat something warm, because even though it was sunny, the wind was freezing. There wasn’t much choice, so we wondered  into the the little cafe. Ok, there was a salad bar and a choice of meals, like lasagna, fish or sausages with chips, peas and carrots and soup but it didn’t look too appetising and neither did it taste well in the end. It was fresh, as in it wasn’t past its ‘sell by date’ but it tasted like cardboard and when we finished the meal and I looked at my husband and son and made a decision never to compromise on the food in the future, just rather take home-made sandwiches in addition to the snacks and water that I always have with me for my son and see what the lunch options are. Life is too short and well-made food not only fuels out bodies but gives us pleasure, so I am never taking that for granted again.

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