Kids & fish bones

Fish1Life is full of surprises, sometime good and sometimes not so. You are prepared for some and some leave you bewildered or helpless. The latter recently happened to our friends.

We all went out to have lunch with kids and were having a jolly good time in one of the Chelsea’s french bistros. The food was delicious, the waiters attentive and kids were not fussy about the food for a change. One of our friends was feeding his toddler son seafood soup which the child was very much enjoying, when all of a sudden he started crying, coughing and being uncomfortable. Initially we thought that the spoonful was hot, one of us thought that the child might have bitten on a peppercorn but the child’s dad was convinced it was a small fish bone. I, for one, was completely lost, having never come across the fish bone stuck in the throat. Our friend just gave his son a piece of bread, then another and eventually the little guy settled and continued eating courgettes and potatoes with chicken and the peace was restored at the table, with adults breathing the sign of relief.

When I came back home I went on the Internet and called a friend of mine, who is the doctor, because  I wanted to be prepared for the future, in case a similar thing happened to my son or to anyone I know.

So, the advice is this-if the child is relatively ok and breathing, try giving him or her some soft bread or a ball of cooked rice or a piece of banana. A spoonful of olive oil might be handy too. However, if the child is uncomfortable, try not to put your fingers in their throat and just go to the closest A&E, so the doctors can deal it. In most cases the fish bone will resolve itself.   

Parenthood is full of surprises, and noone fully prepares you for the fact that you have to be on your toes for the rest of your life. Worth it though .) 

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