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September heralds the beginning on a new school year and the reaction of kids varies from utter excitement to contentious sulking. It will probably take a few weeks for both parents and the kids to adjust to the new timetables, after-school rota of activities, endless play-dates and demands of the new year but there is a helping fin from Bare Biology in the form of a liquid Super hero.


I have reviewed Bare Biology’s Lion Heart Sicilian lemon Omega-3 fish oil in April and am happy to report that not only to I continue to take it daily, but my penguins are now happily demanding their own Super Hero oil Omega 3 Fish Oil right after breakfast, before we make a dash for school.

What makes it special and why should you consider giving it to your child? Well, to start with, Melanie Lawson, brand’s founder, is a mother of three and we all know that being a mother often gives you extra inspiration and motivation, especially in unsteady and worrying times we currently live in, when nutritional content of the food can be somewhat lacking and children face growing pressures since the moment they step over the school threshold.

Omega 3 is essential for children’s development but many kids don’t like the smell or the taste of fish, leading to many arguments in the kitchen table. What to do? One single 1ml drop of Super Hero contains the same amount of Omega 3 that you will get by eating the 120 g tin of sardines, as well as:

Docosahexaenoic acid ( DHA )         475 mg

Eicosapentaenoic acid ( EPA )         133 mg

Other Omega 3s                                       85mg

Vitamin E ( tocopherol )                       3,1 mg


It also has a high concentration of DHAone of the key Omega 3 fatty acids that plays a major part in healthy brain and eye tissues. Oily fish like salmon, trout, herring, sardines and mackerel are the most nutritious from the ones available at the supermarkets or seamonger. It has to be said that many of us, city dwellers, have more and more choice on the supermarket shelves when it comes to food, but often it isn’t seasonal or full of the best nutrients that are so important for children’s growth or adults being able to maintain the best of health, leading to the necessity of using a supplement/s to complete our dietary needs – please be choosy and don’t believe empty promises or advertisement slogans, read on the subject and examine the ingredients, especially when it comes to children and teen nutritional needs.


Western diet is often Omega 3 fats deficient and on many occasions I have read articles linking lack of it to problems like depression, hyperactivity & dyslexia. According to Dr John Briffa, who is a qualified doctor and author of several books covering the subjects of nutrition and natural medicine, in his book ‘Natural Health For Kids: how to give your child the very best start in life from A to Z’ ‘deficiency of healthy fats in the diet (particularly Omega 3 fatty acids) may manifest in a variety of ways, including behavioural or learning problems, dry skin, dry hair and excessive thirst’. You can also find a helpful questionnaire on the subject of Omega 3 deficiency in the book as a starting point of reference on the subject.


What makes Super Hero product fish oil special for the kids is that it was designed not just from the nutritional point of view, but having gathered feedback from them in terms of taste, design of the box and the bottle, making it not a ‘baby version’ of Lion Heart but a stand-alone product developed especially for babies, toddlers and kids, as it is suitable to be taken from the age of 6 months to the age of 12, after which you can switch to Lion Heart. For some of you, who are expecting or are considering getting pregnant, do read on the subject of Omega 3 & 6 for your future reference, as it is as important for you, as it is for your baby.


Super Hero fish oil can be given in a spoon, which is enclosed inside the box or added to a salad dressing, as well as drizzled on a pasta dish or fish pie with mash – just make sure that the food is not hot, as fish oil is volatile and heat destroys its nutritional value. It has a slightly subtler lemony taste than the Lion Heart and when you take it, it leaves no aftertaste or bitterness, which is an additional bonus, knowing how fussy children can be when it comes to their food and drinks. In addition Melanie made sure that Super Hero fish oil was developed in a form that children can take and digest.

Ingredients: Fish oil from sardine & anchovy. Natural Sicilian lemon oil & Vitamin E (tocopherol).

Bare Biology Super Hero DHA Omega 3 Fish Oil for kids, 100 mls, 29.50. It is made in Norway and packaged in the protective atmosphere in the UK. Available to purchase from Bare Biology


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