Lameloise restaurant & hotel in Bourgogne

LameloisePlanning summer holidays can be somewhat frustrating, especially if you are planning to visit a new place and are not sure if it will become a memorable experience or a huge disappointment. While planning our summer break driving through France my husband came across a place called Lameloise, which is a Relais and Chateaux property and a Michelin restaurant under one roof. It looked really promising….

We arrived in Bourgogne around 7 pm, tired and frazzled from a long drive from London but driving through this picturesque part of France our tiredness seemed to disappear a little, mixed with sunshine, giggles and familiar names of vineyards that we were passing by.  Chagny en Bourgogne is small but very cute village?/town and we parked the car just in front of the hotel, right next to the little town’s square and bistro.

Staff came out, taking our luggage and guiding us in, where everyone was smiling, the decor was dignifyingly cute and we were very swiftly shown to our room, which overlooked the already mentioned square and had the most gigantic bed I have seen in my life .)

We refreshed ourselves, got dressed and descended downstairs, were we were the only people with a toddler-or child-in the beautiful Michelin starred restaurant. From then on a truly memorable experience took place.    

Every amuse bouche, every morcel  and every dish-and I do mean EVERY-was truly memorable. My son had the most delicious Bresse chicken breast together with souffle potatoes-both my husband and myself tried it, in the name of research, of course-every bite was delicious and my son polished the whole, adult sized portion with such relish, we weren’t the only people in the room smiling at him. His chicken was cut for him by the attentive waiter and my husband was laughing, telling him not to get used to such treatment at home.

I had a beautiful Tarte de pommes (apple pie) for dessert while my husband indulged in one of his favourites, which doesn’t appear on the menu of most very good restaurants often-Crepes Suzettes. When we walked back to our room my husband all but managed to say that it was the best dinner he had in the last 5 years or so-a high but truly deserved accolade indeed !!!!

We slept comfortably and in the morning had a really nicely laid out breakfast, which my son managed to combine with the flirting with an elderly lady whop was having breakfast with her husband, sitting next to us-it amused us and charmed the lovely lady.

I really didn’t want to leave but we did, armed with cool water bottles, kindly provided by the hotel’s staff for our outward journey-truly, that stay couldn’t have been any better and we definitely will return there again, for the sheer pleasure that we got on all fronts.

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