Latest additions to Merumaya skincare

Maleka Dattu, founder of Merumaya never sits still, she is always working on something, networking, making QVC appearances or building up a dialogue with Merumaya customers, so it’s no surprise that the brand just added two more products to their skincare range, a Treatment Toner and a Bi_phase Plus Eye Make-Up Remover.


With endless demands on our time, we want products that are multi-taskers, so the treatment toner was developed to provide hydration, increase plumpness and brightness, as well as skin’s softness. Hyaluronic acid, one of skincare’s hero ingredients is combined with brown and micro algae, as well as essential amino acids and minerals and their synergy helps to slowly infuse the skin with moisture. Another clever ingredient is the Ascorbyl Glucoside that gives a potent release of Vitamin C that activates on contact with your skin and offers antioxidant protection and helps to reduce the pigmentation.


When I initially tried the toner, before it was officially launched, I liked the feel of it on my skin but wasn’t overly keen on the smell but it was tweaked for the better ( even though for me it is still a little too strong ) and now, with an uplifting Signature Essence Blend , all you need to do after cleansing your face, in the morning and especially at nighttime, is to apply the toner to a cotton pad and sweep it over you face ( don’t forget your neck as well as behind your ears ). I find that the cotton pad sometimes has some traces of make-up, even after cleansing, so adding a toner to your skincare routine is not a folly but a good step in making sure you face is an artfully prepped canvas for the serum/moisturiser or face oil before bedtime.   

I like the non-slip feel of the toner bottle in my hand and even though it won’t fit into your carry on luggage due to its 130 mls size, it’s a nice product to add to your travel skincare bag. 

Merumaya Treatment Toner, 130 mls, £14.50    

Now, do you use mascara or an eyeliner? If you do, then Bi-Phase Plus Eye Make-up Remover was developed with you in mind. I wear mascara occasionally but when it comes to taking it off I end up with panda eyes that doesn’t really look attractive on humans, so an efficient eye make-up remover that doesn’t irritate the skin and effectively removes eye-shadow, eyeliner and mascara is the product that isn’t that easy to develop or find. After a two year testing period, Merumaya proudly introduced a humectant hydrating gel, after surveying its customers on the subject. Now you won’t have a good excuse not to remove your eye make-up before diving into bed for the much-needed sleep. Shake the bottle, pore some of the eye make-up remover on the cotton wool pad, close your eyes and hold the pad against your lashes and eyelid for a few seconds, then wipe it down. If you are wearing an eyeliner and mascara on your lower eyelid/eyelashes, then draw the cotton pad under the lashes, pause for a second or two and then wiggle it gently upward – hey presto, clean eye area.

The nature of the humectant product is that is gives you a feeling on hydration, as molecules stay on top of the skin, so I tend to apply my eye serum after five to ten minutes, once the toner molecules have evaporated a little. 


The texture of this eye make-up remover is like a fusion of oil and gel and it has a very subtle smell, a simple but nicely designed bottle. Shake the toner before each use and watch a delicate space odyssey evolve before your eyes. 

Merumaya Bi-phase Plus Eye Make-Up Remover, 130 mls, £14.50

My final thought is something that I know Maleka holds quite dear and that will resonate with many of you – she creates and manufactures Merumaya in Britain, thus helping support the economy and that is an additional plus for buying their products and supporting a British beauty brand.

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