Latest NuBo skincare product launches: Vitamin C cleanser & Bio-gold serum

As winter came to an end-hurray, finally – spring is signalled by the arrival of pretty flowers popping through the ground, as we seek to change our skincare routine and wave goodbye to white and dull skin.

NuBo, a cosmeceutical brand is not only launching a new facial this week at Fenwick ( the brand’s new therapist has access to no fewer than eight masks with which to pamper the clients and address their skin’s needs ), it also offers two of its latest launches, a cleanser and an essence, to its customers.

Vitamin C Brightening Cleanser: it is a foam cleanser that aims to boost your complexion and increase radiance. Even though I started using it in February, personally I prefer to use this type of cleanser in the warmer months of the year ( not that I haven’t started seeing the difference already, so shouldn’t grumble ). Some of the vitamin C products, be it cleansers or moisturisers, tend to also dry out the skin, but it certainly isn’t the case here. The cleanser was created to lift tired and dull skin and that’s exactly what it does, while also removing the impurities and evening out the skin tone. It also protects your skin against t free-radicals and addresses the problem of hyperpigmentation.

I used the cleanser every morning, with a slightly warm water and noticed a difference in my skin’s brightness within a few days. It’s not drastic but is noticeable to me and I also like its zangy, fruity smell that wakes my face, as well as the senses.


The pump dispenses the right amount of the product and it’s not messy at all, which is also an added bonus. My skin felt soft after every application-a very pleasant feeling, as some foamy cleansers tend to strip the skin. I can easily leave my skin for a few minutes, without applying my usual serum, while I brush my hair or my teeth and my skin feels comfortably soft to the touch.


Vitamin C Brightening Cleanser has two key ingredients-a seaweed extract and kumquat oil. Seaweed extract ( Chondrus Crispus ), also known as Irish moss is a natural source of mineral salts, vitamins and minerals and it boasts anti-inflammatory & softening properties. Kumquate Oil is a reparative oil that is full of essential fatty acids that help with skin regeneration and is considered to be a ‘fountain of youth’ in China.

This cleanser also cuts out the need for toner ( if you use it on a daily basis ) as it cleanses and tonifies the skin, hence it is a great 2-in-1 product to use in the morning when you are doing things in a hurry, yet you still offer your skin a perfect routine that benefits it long-term.

List of ingredients: Aqua/Water, Olive Oil castile, Vegetable glycerin, Rosa Rubiginosa ( Rose Hip ) seed oil, Citrus Fortunella ( Kumquat ) oil, Eriobotrya Japonica seed extract, Chondrus Crispus ( Seaweed ) extract. Not tested on animals

NuBo Vitamin C Brightening Cleanser 120 mls, £35

Cell Dynamic The Essence Bio-gold (serum ): this regenerating serum is replacing NuBo’s The Essence. This latest high-tech launch from NuBo boasts a high concentration of bio-active ingredients, including the bio-available form of 24k gold ( gold is a metal that also acts as a charger to the electricity circulating in our bodies, thus helping to boost elasticity of the skin and its anti-oxidation levels, as well as boosting circulation, hydration and stimulating cell regeneration-as time goes by our energy slows down and so does the cell turnover, leading to a much duller skin and loss of fullness and volume ).


The serum itself has a very light, almost water like consistency and gets absorbed by the skin very quickly, as if by magic, leaving behind a slight sheen. The serum seems to lift the whole complexion of your face, ever so lightly remodelling its contours-in the course of a few weeks I noticed that my frown lines on the forehead seem less prominent-and that comes from someone who frowns on a regular basis, without even noticing it. The product is aimed at women of 30 and upwards and I wouldn’t recommend it to women in their 20s-after all, you can try to push back the time now but it might require even more effort in the future because you skin is used to the products and ingredients and requires a stronger product for the effect to be still visible. There is a time and a place for everything.


This serum contains apeptide Syn-ake that is a neuro-modulator and acts similarly to Botox, while the bio-active tripeptide stimulates your skin’s natural collagen production, thus supporting the skin from within. This serum also contains rhodiola that helps to increase our cells intake of oxygen ( recharging your skin from inside out ), as well as manganese salts complex.

Another improvement in this formula includes a so-called Protective Shield, which has NuBo patented 3 Cell Dynamic Complex, which promises to ‘boost skin’s defence system, guard the cell’s genetic memory code and protect against photo-ageing’, as well as Brown Algae Complex, Vitamin E ( it is very effective in protecting our skin from toxicity, like air-pollution and helps to strengthen our capillary walls ) and Pro-Vitamin C( assists the skin in repairing oxidative damage and creates a protective shield against free radicals ).

I used this serum ( it comes in an airless pump and dispenses exactly the right amount of product each time ) on its own in the evening, half an hour before bedtime ( prior to that I cleanse my face with a muslin cloth and NuBo’s Velvet cleansing cream ). While I don’t feel like I have a new face ( and nor do I want one by the way, as I am definitely happy in my own skin, frown lines and all ), but if it can help to smooth my frown lines within three weeks of use, it certainly is worthy, albeit a pricey treat ( £200 for 30 mls ) for your skin, and a credible alternative to facial procedures.

Cell Dynamic The Essence Bio-gold, 30 mls, £200

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