Latest product from Perricone MD-No Concealer Concealer SPF 35

I have been a dedicated fan of Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation SPF 30 since last year-it gives my skin a beautiful glow, moisturises it, while letting the skin breath, adds a bit of colour, erases the signs of fatigue and uneven skin tone-I can go on and on about the benefits of this wonderful product….

When I learnt that No Concealer Concealer SPF 35 will be launching soon, I got giddy with excitement, but sourcing the glass bottle initially proved futile-the first batch sold out online in record time and then it was out of stock. Perricone MD site got updated and re-launched but it didn’t make it any easier to get additional information on the product-I had to call US, got passed from person to person and in the end I decided to let things slide-I will get my hands on it when it will be meant to be….


A few days gone by and I had a promo e-mail from Perricone MD, coinciding with their site re-launch, offering 25% off my next order-I clicked the button and the concealer was in stock, so I hurriedly placed my order.

It didn’t arrive on time, I had to chase customer services twice (!) and finally, the little white box landed on my porch. Well, it was worth waiting for !

The bottle itself is tiny (9g) but you only need a little bit to cover the imperfections and the dark circles under your eyes. It helps to soften the lines under the eyes ( if you have any ) and it contains Neuropetides and Vitamin C ester ( another recent addition to Perricone MD range ) that offer anti-ageing benefits to the delicate eye area. You can also use it on your eyelids, as a primer, before applying eyeshadow for a longer wear and no smudging.

While I really like this product, the pump hole is quite small and sometimes it gets a little clogged when you try to dispense the product-and you really only do need a small amount to get flawless results! Other than that, I love this formulation, as well as the coverage that it gives-I gently pat it on with my ring finger from the inner corner of my eye to the middle. You can do it with concealer brush if you like too. Any excess concealer can be used on your face, to cover little imperfections or redness. The No Concealer Concealer also protects against UVA and UVB damage with the mineral based SPF 35.

Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer £37 for 9 g, one universal shade

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