Latest product launches from Bobbi Brown-Tinted Eye Brightner & Full Coverage Face Brush

Ever since Bobbi Brown has launched her make-up in the UK, I have been a loyal fan. That is not to say that I use all of her products, but the ones I do, tend to stay in my make-up bag because they deliver lasting & pretty results.

The latest launch from Bobbi Brown & the addition to my daily make-up routine is called Tinted Eye Brightener and it was developed based on customer feedback..


I like the clear tube and the precise applicator that allows you to put the product right into the inner corner of your eye and then spread it outwards ( gently tapping it in with your little finger or concealer brush ). It is very light and doesn’t ‘cake’ or give you the panda look. I apply it five minutes after my eye cream and it lasts for a good few hours without me even thinking  about re-applying. This illuminator covers the dreaded under the eye shadows without any trace and you end up with the even skin tone and fresh face. It comes in ten shades, so you are more likely to find the one to match your skin tone than with the product which has only three or five shades. 

While choosing the correct shade of concealer, I was also catching up with Joanna Green, one of Bobbi Brown’s freelance make-up artists who is not only super-professional, but is equally very generous when it comes to sharing make-up application tips and techniques. As I already use Bobbi Brown‘s Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks ( it comes in a very handy compact that has a mirror in its lid, so you can re-apply your make-up without worrying that it would look askew and its creamy formula works perfectly when it is cold outside and your skin lacks moisture ), I was checking out new shades and when Joanna started applying one of them on, I noticed that she was doing it with a brush that feels very luxurious on the skin. Joanna told me that it is the latest addition to BB make-up brush collection, called Full Coverage Face Brush.



This brush can be used to apply both powder and liquid products ( just make sure that you wash/dry it in-between applications, so there is no product build-up ) and it has a rounded head and a handle that feels just right in your hand-not too long and not too short. The brush has short, tightly packed bristles that caress your face, yet ensure even & quick application.

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