Leather Forever exhibition by Hermes Paris

Hermes epitomises the incredible quality and attention to detail when it comes to the leather that they use to craft their bags, shoes, saddles and many other beautiful and creative objects of desire.


The exibition ‘ Leather Forever ‘ takes place at No.6 Burlington Gardens until May 27th and covers 12 rooms:

Savoir-faire: the library of skins-the only room at the exhibition where you are physically allowed to touch and feel different types of leather

Savoir-faire: the artisan’s studio where you can actually see Hermes bags being made in front of you and ask any questions you might have. I asked if Hermes says ‘no’ to any requests from their customers and was told that the only thing they could think of in that moment in time was that the leather of elephants isn’t being used unlike a long time ago in the past…..

The Patina of Time, Time Savers, Discretion and Simplicity

Variations on Kelly & Birkin, The spirit of the nomad, Companions and Friends,

Fasteners, or beauty spots ? When dreams become reality

The horse, the first client-a large, irregular curved room where you walk on white sand and look at wonderful video installations and various items like whips, saddles and riding boots ( time doesn’t touch those boots, they remain elegant no matter how long ago they were made )

Star bags where you can see four one-of-a-kind versions of the Passe-Guide bags representing England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and created to coincide with the Hermes exhibition held in London. You can place bids for each bag until May 31st, with all the sales proceeds going to charity.


And then there is a final room that has a curtain of long leather cords guarding its entrance. Inside there are items and curiosities creates by Hermes artisans that will make you smile ( something for Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret for example ) and gasp in wonder in equal measure.

The exhibition is well thought out / laid out and will give you a much better understanding, lift the veil, if you may, over the craft and creativity that goes on in Hermes ateliers. A fashion and educational must !

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