Let It Glow: in time for festive season Ellis Faas launches Glow Down & improves packaging

It’s heart-warming to see a brand respond to customer feedback, particularly when it leads to creation of even better product. Ellis Faas, a make-up artist and founder of synonymous make-up brand, strives to move with the times and offer women (and men) the products that are modern, innovative and dare I say it, cool?

With party season in full swing, we want our make-up to stay put, not slide like our legs over the dance floor. First into the spotlight, a compact powder with a difference. Ellis devised Glow Down, a light powder that acts as an invisible mattifier, helping perfect the skin tone, whether you have a light, medium or dark complexion. When applied on top of your usual make-up, it will help set it with a porcelain-like matt finish, adding warmth to the appearance of the skin. Unlike many traditional products, the innovative formula will also enhance the complexion without adding coverage or actual colour – making it a good addition to the make-up kit. It can also be used as a primer underneath your eyeshadow or lipstick and help absorb unwanted oils that can lead to the ‘shiny’ face look we all want to avoid, in real life and in our photos.

Not only that, Glow Down, a vegan and cruelty-free product, was formulated with vitamin E, amino acids, omega 3 oils, ginger root, galangal and rapeseed oil, which together help rejuvenate the skin and protect it with a unique Anti-pollution complex.

It comes in a practical packaging, with a powder sponge and all you have to do is insert it into Ellis Faas case, which has a mirror in its lid and you are good to go. I prefer applying it with a powder brush, but if make-up needs to be re-applied or corrected between meetings on the go, the sponge does the job perfectly – just don’t forget to give it a wash with a gentle soap once a week and let it dry before putting it back into the compact.

Light, practical and hard-working product that will make your finished make-up look effortless !

Creamy Eyes, 21 shades. Vegan. Made in Italy. Fragrance-free. £24

At the same time that Ellis launched Glow Down, she has updated or rather improved the packaging of her Creamy Eyes & Lights eyeshadows, so what used to be a clicker dispenser, that at times got clogged & simply refused to dispense the product in the ‘orderly’ manner, is now a wand. Easy does it: turn the cap, pull out the wand, apply!

Creamy Eyes are ideal for a quick smoky eye, allowing you to correct mistakes or ‘lighten’ the shade before it dries up. And thanks to the precise tip of the new applicator, you can now use Creamy Eyes as a thick eye pencil. Just untwist the pointy top and extend out the spongy wand that flows easily over your lid and ensures precise application. I got to eye test the ‘Creamy Eyes’ in shade E127, which is a matt brown that would work wonderfully on any eye shade and can easily take your from day to night time. It’s a creamy product, so you can spread it with the finger all over your lid, lightening the colour up a little, if you so wish.

My particular appreciation though goes to the Ellis Lights highlighter. I tested the E303 shade and was quite impressed after just one use. A bronzy gold that might be possibly meant for the evening make-up look, yet I love wearing it during the day because it makes me feel very glam. It sets within minutes and looks fresh and bright, reminding me of the vivid make-up shades I see in Pat McGrath’s feed. In fact it ‘sets’ so well, you will need a creamy cleanser to take it off, but it guarantees staying power, without making your eyes feel dry. You can use Lights to create an illusion of metallic eyes, if applied topically. Or apply it all over your eyelid – subdued or with artistic flair, if you dare. Either way you will look like lightening – striking and memorable!

Ellis Faas Lights: 8 shades. Made in France. Cruelty-free. £26

For more information about Ellis Faas & her make-up products, please click here

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