Liberty’s of London+Bobbi Brown+Bruce Webber

I have been using Bobbi Brown’s make-up from the moment her brand has landed on the UK shores (in other words-a lifetime almost, as I seem to be growing up with the brand and hopefully getting more sophisticated in my make-up application) and BB2since then my loyalty has never wavered-from her books to her make-up and application techniques, I never found any other make-up artist who can make the ‘natural look’ so glamorous yet beautifully current and classy.

This year Bobbi celebrates her 20th anniversary and as one of the way’s to commemorate the occasion Bruce Webber, an extraordinarily talented master of photography produced a film called ‘Bobbi Brown The Wisecracking Beauty Queen’ while Liberty’s of London went a step further and you can see a beautifully reproduced collage of pictures taken by Bruce Webber-he not only captures the moment, he just creates the most natural looking, sunny photographs ever-at Bobbi’s make-up counter.

While I was there, admiring the pictures, I also got talking to one of BB’s make-up girls about theBB new foundation to hit their counter called ‘Extra Repair Foundation SPF 25’. As Bobbi Brown put it herself, on her site, ‘This foundation is amazing-in one product you get SPF, moisture and perfect coverage’. This foundation comes in a slightly smaller jar than my current favourite, Bobbi Brown’s Extra SPF 25 moisturising tinted balm (that without fault makes me look casual, yet ready to face the world in the morning, before doing a school run), and offers a medium to full coverage. It’s perfect to be used in autumn and winter, as our skin gets dry and loses its luminosity, but it would also work equally well for the evening, especially if you are going out on a date or a work or social function. 

It contains evening primrose oil, which is great for moisturising the skin and shea and muru muru butters, which make sure that your skin’s moisture barrier is strengthened. It also contains peptide and carrot extract,s which help with the reduction of fine lines. And then there is its beautiful, fresh smell-as soon as the jar was opened and the make-up artist started testing it on my face, I just fell under this formulations spell.

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