Life’s unfairness and ways to fight it

I always find it much more interesting to read a story about a regular person than another, mostly meaningless (with rare exception) interview with a celebrity, which unfortunately most magazines rate highly on their list of priorities, in order to push more copies.

December edition of American Elle carries a story called ‘Love, actually’ and in it Heather Vandenberghe tells what happened after a sober (!) driver reversed into her 3 year old daughter while he was looking for a parking slot and she was on the pedestrian crossing at the green light…..

What follows tugs at your heart in the worst possible way because you are re-living every loving mother’s worst nightmare put into simple but profound words. However dire circumstances seemed to be at the time the accident took place, Ms. Vandenberghe not only fought very hard (together with the skilled doctors and support of family members and friends), for her daughter’s recovery but she also tried to make a stand and change the unchangeable, by creating Elle’s law.

Even if you choose to buy the magazine for Jessica Alba on the cover (and the interview inside), I urge you to read the ‘Love, actually’ to start with. It might even inspire you to make a change for the better in your or somebody else’s life or just appreciate what you already have, if your child is safe and healthy.

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