Lip Care With Ere Perez & ILIA Beauty

Maybe it’s this time of the year when our lips feel the effect of the cold. Or maybe it’s the anticipation of spring and the desire to be kissed & kissable. Or maybe it’s just a reminder that all of our body parts deserve a regular dose of the TLC. In any case the new Ere Perez Coco Crayons were so enticingly spotlighted by Content Beauty & Wellbeing team, I couldn’t resist and ordered two of the six shades to try. But there is even more lip care goodness news, so keep on reading .)

ERE PEREZ Coco Crayons in Charm (left) & Heart (right)

There are currently six shades and I chose Charm (burnt peach, a universally flattering one), as well as HEART, a vivid pomegranate red that I plan to use for more special occasions. Coco Crayon pencils allow you to apply the colour to your lips with precision, so there is no need for a lip liner and the colour itself is vibrant with a matt finish. You get a full-on coverage with the skincare benefit of coconut & baobab seed oils as well as hydrating and conditioning action thanks to Vitamin E.

Ere Perez Coco Crayons colour chart
Ere Perez Coco Crayon in Heart

When I received my Content order it also contained a charming surprise from its founder Imelda Burke – a press sample of ILIA Beauty latest launch (Content was the first UK retailer to introduce this brand to the natural beauty community) called Lip Wrap Reviving Balm. The balm comes in a small tube with the ceramic applicator and offers a regular hydrating hug for the lips, while simultaneously hydrating, smoothing and plumping them. Once applied it leaves behind a clear, non-sticky sheen, as if lips were touched by Lip Fairy Godmother. With the ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Sea Succulent you can also expect longer lasting hydration for the delicate lip area.

Exterior packaging of the ILIA Beauty press sample of its newest product launch

Ceramic applicator adds a cooling sensation to the perfect glide, like an experienced ice-skater expertly drawing shapes with the blade on the ice. I particularly enjoy the non-sticky, yet cocooning feel of this lip balm and the subtlety of the scent derived from Lavender & Chamomile. The exterior packaging (only with the press sample I am afraid) is both unusual and tactile and the paper box ‘housing’ the balm itself can be later re-used to store safety pins or paper clips. This lip balm also reminded me of ILIA’s chunky lip pencils that were one of the first ILIA products when the brand was launched over a decade ago & since then has discontinued.

Lip care with ILIA Beauty – wrap your lips in a balm

It was also announced earlier this year that ILIA beauty is being acquired by the Courtin-Clarins family. In the last few years ILIA Beauty, originally founded by Sasha Plavsic, has successfully grown and evolved, winning over a wider group of international retailers and building up the interest of not only Gen Z, but older generations of consumers by offering a wide selection of products within the skincare focussed make-up category. It would be interesting to see how the brand evolves during its next stage and under the new management.

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