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Lips are one of the focal points of the face, yet they are quite fragile and often reflect the state of our health. Some might even argue that if all is balanced in your body, you might not need any lip care at all. But I would counteract that a good lip balm brings not just care for delicate lip skin, but can be turned into a mini selfcare ritual. An idea recently highlighted by Lena Wild, a British artisanal skincare brand, which focusses on bringing harmony and balance to its customers skin.

Lena Wild Lip Care Treatment Balms (NUDE on the left, CHIC on the right)

Yelena, Lena Wild founder, and I met a few years ago through mutual beauty network acquaintances and have been keeping in touch ever since. We often have unhurried message exchanges on a multitude of subjects, but what I particularly appreciate about Yelena is her determination and dedication to giving her customers simple, but effective skincare that helps balance the skin, while allowing them to reintroduce some calm in their hectic and technology overloaded lives.

I have been meaning to try Lena Wild Lip Care Treatment for a while and when Yelena very kindly sent me two very pretty pots – one is a nourishing balm, another a balm that adds a lit bit of colour to the lips – I also invited my daughter to help me put the balms to the test. Truth be told, my daughter’s addiction to lip balms can easily put mine to shame. Having said that, the balms were particularly welcomed by us both, considering the recent cold spell coupled with radiator heat at home. Lips certainly don’t like such vast temperature contrasts and respond by becoming dry.

Lena Wild Nude Lip Balm

Lip Care Treatment is an organic nourishing balm made in small batches, in line with Yelena’s intent on promoting conscious beauty consumption. It combines protective powers of CoconutRaspberry oils and Shea butter to comfort delicate lip skin. Calendula and Oat extracts further support the recovery of dry, rough or chapped skin and help lips be softer and plumper. It also helps to seal in the moisture and keep lips protected, as well as adds antioxidant protection thanks to a high proportion of vitamin E – a vitamin that dermatologist always highlight when it comes to caring for the skin, particularly as it becomes more mature.

Both balms have silky texture and when you first unscrew the lid and see the balm, its hard to resist the temptation of plunging your finger into its depth and smothering generously all over the lips. With balm applied to the lips, it creates a thin protective layer that feels light and soft, but importantly – breathable, without interfering with lips own natural barrier unseen to the eye.

Lena Wild Lip Balm in Chic

What’s also quite obvious is Yelena’s meticulous attention not just ingredient selection, but even the little details. Take recyclable packaging that lip balm pots are housed in. It looks like a pretty origami that is both tactile and is a focal point in itself. As to the jars, once you place them on your desk, beware. Your eyes will be drawn to them and you will end up reaching out for them, allowing yourself a little, but pleasurable pause.

In order to help you get to know the brand and this product even better, I reached out to Yelena and asked her a few questions that will hopefully take this review full circle.

Lip beauty

What led you to create those two products?

Yelena: I am addicted to lip balms, so I always bought them from various brands – had my favourites too – but kept changing them due to curiosity. I actually feel a bit naked without a lip balm. As I am very minimal on the make-up (even before Covid-19), to me a touch of creamy gloss lifts the look of the face so much! So my desert island “beauty’ products would be a brow pencil (as mine are so sparce) and CHIC.

Why just one colour option instead of say three?

Yelena: that’s the same question that my mum is asking me – did you girls team up? When I discovered Gromwell Root Extract, apart from its antioxidant properties, I fell in love with its vivid colour. Although in a formulation it only gives a hint, I was thinking that it would be a lovely boost for a lip balm. The colour is very gentle and romantic to me, so to use something daily with such colour brings joy to me.

With NUDE I wanted to give people an option, but also to create something universal, something that everyone can use. From mamas to babies to men, who can proudly carry it in their pocket too. Some people with sensitive skin prefer to avoid essential oils, so this product only carries the aromas of the formulation, still smelling very pleasing of Coconut, Beeswax and a touch of Plum.

If I ever make an addition to the balm selection, it would be something bolder, with a stronger pigment, so it can serve as a caring lip tint.

Lip colour: which one are you?

Why do you love using them?

Yelena: Well, they plump my lips and when I need a little boost, I also apply it as a highlighter, especially around the eyes – for an instant ‘pick me up’! I like to keep it on my desk and applying it though the day. Just helps to break up the routine a little and focus on yourself. To stop, reset, pamper yourself for a moment and then get on with anything that needs to be done!

Tell me about your lip balms star ingredients.

Yelena: I would say a blend of Coconut, Shea and Beeswax make it a very powerful remedy for dry, damaged and fragile skin. It serves like a protective barrier, the one that our skin on the lips lacks so much. The skin on the lips is much thinner than anywhere else on the body and it doesn’t have sebaceous glands to produce a natural moisturiser -sebum. By applying nourishing and occlusive balms, we protect the integrity of the lips.

Cold-pressed raspberry oil offers amazing anti-inflammatory, skin-regenerating and skin conditioning properties. CO2 extract of Oat and Calendula help to soothe, calm and speed up the healing process of the skin. The whole formulation is so powerful in that this balm has been helping my customers with mild eczema flare-ups on other parts of the body too.

Helpful Tip: NUDE doesn’t contain essential oils, but CHIC contains Benzoin and Blood Orange essential oils.

Personally I wouldn’t want to choose between the two balms – I use Nude balm to nourish my lips and Chic if I want to add a little va-va-voom to my mood. As to my daughter, she would gladly take full procession of the clear balm….if only I would let her .)

To find more about Lena Wild Lip Care Treatment, please click here

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