Lip treats for springtime

How does one know that spring has arrived, apart from the birds chirping, fresh green shoots exploding and flowers blooming? To me, it’s the sightings of couples holding hands and kissing that heralds that spring is finally here…..

Our lips take the pummeling from the indoor heating and the outside freezing temperatures, so now is the time to nurture them, while also bringing the pop of brightness to our kissable pouts.


Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturising Lip Colour Balm ( £16 ) are not new but when I tried one recently, in a subtle nude colour I was hooked. It’s easy to apply, it moisturises the lips, it comes in eight shades and stays put for several hours. As it looks like a pencil, you can also twist it as you use it, so no mess, no fiddling and a perfect end result.

If you are feeling ‘natural’, than go along with Absolution lip & dry skin balm ( £12 )-French know a thing or two about skincare and this organic balm not only smells really nice, but works a treat on dry lips, adding a tiny bit of shine too. You can apply it to your eyelids for a slightly matt finish, instead of an eyeshadow and it also works a treat on a red nose, when you have a cold. It comes in a small tube and is easy to carry around or to throw in your bag when you travel. 

Ilia, an organic American brand, has expanded its range of lip conditioners ( £20 ) , adding more colours and lipsticks to the range. Both lipsticks and lip conditioners contain 85% certified organic bio-active botanicals and rejuvenate and nourish your lips. The colour combinations are endless, as if you apply one coat, you have one shade, but if you want more density and brighter colour, then you add another layer on.

Giorgio Armani is not only the master of tailored, perfect silhouettes, he also creates great make-up products and this spring  he introduced Rouge D’Armani sheers ( £23 )-a bright range of lip colours. On e might say shockingly bright if you look at them, but once you apply the sheer, they create a perfect colour glow. And the chic tube clips shut magnetically when you are done. I bought one in a very bright orange shade, called Coral 301 and I love how grown-up, yet girly wearing it makes me feel.

Last, but not least, is NuBo’s Instant Lip Perfection SPF15 ( £38 ), which moisturises and plumps your lips, while boosting collagen production-as we age, our lips loose fullness, so this gloss helps to hold back the effect of time, boosting collagen levels, while natural capsicum helps to produce the ‘bee stung effect’, thus enhancing your natural lips colour. I have tried similar products from other brands but in my opinion this one is the best by far in terms of the effect it has on the lips and it smells delicious too.

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